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Will do. I’ll be adding a link to both the master title list and the list of titles we’ll be covering for the first year of the club to the first post here in a bit for you all. I will also be DMing it as well.


Okay I’ve posted the links in the OP and messages to you all. Hopefully the links are also now set so anyone can view them without needing permission to do so. Sorry about that but I was using my sister’s computer at the time I made these spreadsheets since she has a google account already and since she has work stuff on google sheets everything automatically needs permission in order to view them.


JSA Book Club Week One is live!

  1. The JSA are like family
  2. Jay Garrick, The Flash
  3. Someone’s copy of Justice League of America (1st series) #64.

Here’s the current club post link. Enjoy!

    1. How familiar are you with the JSA?
      I’m very UN familiar with them. Other than knowing some of the members, I don’t know much about them. I’m looking forward to learning more about each of them.
    1. Who is your favorite character?
      In my limited experience, I would say Dr Fate or Power Girl.
    1. If you are a long time fan when did you first start reading JSA titles?

JSA Book Club Week 4 is good to go. Check it out!

JSA Book Club Week 5

JSA Book Club Week Six.

Hi! Just joined the group and I love that there’s a JSA group. I’ve been a fan for ages so on the the questions!

  1. I’d say very familiar. I have every appearance of the team in their various incarnations.
  2. Tie between Jade and Obsidian. I really loved the legacy aspect and how that affected those heroes. It’s not something that can be explored in the modern DC timeline.
  3. In the 80s with All-Star Squadron leading into Infinity, Inc. Those runs are some of my all time favorite comics. I also really liked the series JSA that ran in the earlier 2000s.

Welcome to the club. We are glad to have you. If you want to participate our current club discussion the link to it can be found in the post above yours. Jump right on in!

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  1. I’m very familiar with everything before the mid-90s. After that, I’m catching up.

  2. Johnny Quick. Does he count?

  3. All-Star Squadron #13. Thought I probably read it closer to 1986 than originally publication date.


Welcome to you as well @HombreDeMaiz. If you want to join in our current discussion it’s here.

[JSA Book Club] Week Six: Stormy Weather [5/1-5/15}

Looks like a lot of us have fond memories of the All-Star Squadron series of the 70s!


Thanks. I’m playing catch up to prepare for this week’s new post!

Week Seven of the JSA Book Club is live. Come and join the fun!

Hi, I’m Moth. I thought I would give this a shot.

  1. How familiar am I with the JSA?

Honestly, I wish I was more familiar. I’ve read many of their early Golden Age appearances, most of their legendary team-ups with the Justice League in the Silver and Bronze Ages, and then a lot of bits and pieces throughout their modern history. But… there are significant gaps.

  1. Who is my favorite character?

In the JSA? Hmmm… I guess I relate the most to Rick Tyler and Jack Knight.

  1. When did I first start reading JSA titles?

I was introduced to the team through All-Star Squadron back issues. As a kid, I could find a lot of them in the 50 cent bin. Loved 'em.

Welcome to the club @TheCosmicMoth. We’re glad you decided to join us. Here is the link to our current discussion thread where we are in the midst of reading Infinity, Inc.

[JSA Book Club] Week 8: Misfits & Mad Men [6/1 - 6/15]

Our next discussion will deal with the JSA’s return to print beginning with All Star Comics #58.

Feel free to jump in at any time!

Thanks! I better get to work!

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Glad to have you with us, welcome :smiley_cat: @TheCosmicMoth