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1,3: Stargirl fully introduced me, but they probably popped up somewhere in my “get every DC Comics collection that I can possibly find/put on hold” library phase.
2. Stargirl.


Cool. Welcome to the JSABC.

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I am somewhat to pretty familiar with the golden and silver age JSA, I was always intrigued with the JLA/JSA team ups during the silver age. During my youth, I always looked forward to the 100 page spectaculars that featured golden and silver age reprints. My favorite character was the original Dr. Mid-Nite. I was especially happy that they reprised the Charles McNIder as well as the Beth Chapel incarnations of Dr. Mid-Nite in the Stargirl TV series. A mini-series featuring the third incarnation of Dr. Mid-Nite, Peter Cross, was published as a mini-series. The JSA’s first mascot was Hootie the Owl who helped Dr. Mid-Nite battle many criminals.



Very similar to my answers except Stargirl’s predecessor, “Absolute Justice” was my intro.

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Here’s our first July session folks!

Here’s our second July session. Enjoy and I apologize for posting it late.

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Showcase justice league 2 was my first experience with them and just fell love seriously ch3ck those early crossovers other recommendations is jsa strange adventure amazing flashback case elements of classic stories with no life sure you might notice some line up irregularities but that’s what fun you get a introduction to everyone and their character


First off welcome to the club!


We are actually going to be reading Strange Adventures next month if you want to join in. Otherwise we are currently discussing Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. if you want to join in.

Welcome back to the community, @batmanfanrosen.17007! You’ve found a great club to potentially take part in - I’d highly encourage you to join the on-going discussions as @JasonTodd428 mentioned above. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Please let the moderator team know if you need anything! :jsa_book_club:


Here is our next discussion, which continues our look at the Thy Kingdom Come storyline.

Here is our second session for the month of August covering JSA Strange Adventures.

Here is our first session for September 2021.

Here is our second September session and a story called Constellations.

Here is our first October 2021 session featuring more JLA/JSA crossovers. Enjoy!

Here is our second October session covering the Ghost Stories storyline in 1999’s JSA series. Enjoy!

Here is our first November session. Enjoy!

Here’s our second November session starring the Wonders of Earth 2.

My First Time Reading the Justice Society of America, Was When I Was A Kid In the 1970’s!
The First Story I Read Was the Death of Batman!
Batman Was In A Coffin On the Cover with Robin and the J.S.A. Around Him!
It, Was A Great Story!
The J.S.A. Set Out Too Find Batman’s Killer!
I’ve Been In Love with the J.S.A. Ever Since!

I, Read the All Star Squadron Stories In the 1980’s!
I, Loved That the J.S.A. Was Their Main Characters!

My Favorite Justice Society of America Characters are:
1 Dr. Mid Nite.
2 The Atom.
3 Doctor Fate.
4 The Spectre.
5 Green Lantern Alan Scott.
6 The Flash Jay Garrick.
7 Liberty Bell.
8 Firebrand Danette Reilly.
9 Demon Etrigan.
10 Dead Man.


Here is our first session of 2022. Enjoy.