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Sorry for the delay in posting, but we had some rough weather here yesterday. :cloud_with_lightning: We’re kicking off the month of May with adventures with the “Third Smartest Man On Earth” Michael Holt, otherwise known as Mister Terrific. But first…


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This week we are reading: Mister Terrific #1-3

Discussion Questions:

1: How would you propose someone fight back against a villain they can’t see?

2: It’s obvious that Michael Holt suffers from PTSD. Do you think his emotions help push him forward in this story arc, or do you think they cloud his judgment?

3: Do you think Brainstorm put those ideas in people’s heads…or do you believe he made them more likely to act on thoughts that were already there? (perhaps a bit of both?)


We missed the rough weather here for once. Hope everyone is okay.

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We’re good here, just a lot of thunder and lightning. I just wasn’t going to take my chances plugging the computer in when the weather’s like that.


Guess we are binging Mr. Terrific now.


Can these get flaired for the book club? That makes them much easier to find.

  1. Blindfild yourself to heighten the other senses. Or just even the playing field by making everything dark.

  2. They are definitely clouding his judgment. He is described himself as a “neanderthal” due to his inability to control them (it sounded like a lie to me anyway).

  3. He made them use thoughts already there, just like how he talked Mr. Terrific into losing it in public.

Time for some general thoughts-

I really dislike this costume. Looks too sleek and gray. I think the business suit old costume fits him much better. Not to mention tatoos are awful for a secret identity.

I really disliked Aleeka. She just came off as paranoid.

I liked Power Girl’s brief role.

I do not think anybody would be taken seriously in the sciences if they call themselves an atheist in the DC Universe where gods are constantly on the news.

I see why this series was cancelled after a few issues. These 3 issues have pacing problems, and I think it is too unrealistic for people who want serious stories and too serious for people who want a light hearted comic.