[JSA Book Club] Week 5: Justice like Lightening [4/20-5/3]

Greetings fans of the JSA and welcome to another session of the JSA Book Club. This week we’ll be catching up with the JSA as the team is reborn to solve the mystery of the murder of one of their own. Let’s being this week’s meeting to order so the discussion and debate may commence.



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This Week’s Reading (9 issues)

* JSA Secret Files #1

* JSA #1-8

Discussion Questions to Consider

  1. How would you compare this introduction to the team with the previous two we’ve read?

  2. What did you all think of the new Star Spangled Kid, Courtney Whitmore?

  3. What did you think of the new team and how it was a mix of old and new?

  4. What was your favorite moment in the fight between Fate and the Dark Lord?

  5. How did you like the villains in these issues?

And that’s it for this week folks. Have a safe and healthy rest of the month and we’ll see you back here again soon.

Next time: A new adventure with Infinity, Inc is afoot. Be sure to check it out the first week of May.

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  1. I actually found aspects of this introduction to be very similar to the previous two. I still like the JSA/JLA one better though.

  2. I like her a lot. She quickly became one of my favorites as time passed.

  3. I was glad to see some of the old faces. They bring experience and a sense of history to the team. The new members bring vitality and news ways of thinking. I like that sort of combination on a team.

  4. It’s conclusion.

  5. My favorite villain was the Dark Lord.

I just read the Secret JSA Files and enjoyed it. I collected the JSA that came after this (I may even still have it all, or it may have left when I sold have my collection last fall), but I never read this kickoff issue, thanks for posting this. It’s a nice combination of the mid-90s Jack Knight Starman series with what was to come in JSA #1.

  1. Compare intros: I felt this one did a nice job of conveying the weight of the old age of the '40s JSA. The combination of Gyros from what we now think of is Earth 1 and Earth 2 is interesting.

  2. New Star-Spangled Kid: lol, that didn’t last long did it? Imagine if the new CW Series was called The Star-Spangled Kid please tune in…

  1. As I said above, I like the mix of the new team including the use of the Hourman android.

Well I haven’t read the rest of this for a second time yet. I got admit it really does feel like just yesterday that I was reading the JSA. The last issue came out in 2006 and while oh yeah that’s 14 years ago it just seems like yesterday to me. But thanks to you offering such a long time to read these I just might get to it.

Here’s my vote to check out the 70s All-Star Squadron by the way.

Nice to hear from you again @Don-El. Hope you are doing well.

I actually hadn’t ever read that Secret Files issue either so it was new to me. @Aurora was the one to suggest it’s addition.


Hard to judge since none of them were my actual introduction to the team. But this was my favorite read so far.

I haven’t read an enormous number of issues featuring her. I like her…she had a good amount of spunkiness to her that I liked.

I really like that. It’s what makes the JSA so special…the legacy they carry with them to pass newer generations.

I liked seeing Kent Nelson inside there, just living his life. Goes into that legacy them I was just referring to.

Obsidian was interesting and Mordru has always been a big threat. It was more about the heroes in these issues than the villians for me, though. Oh, and it was cool seeing Geoff Johns bringing in Black Adam right there at the start of his joining the creative team.

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I liked that too. Kent Nelson is one of my all time favorite characters.

She is very spunky and that’s what I like about her. I hope the Stargirl show is able to capture that aspect of her character. If you aren’t already doing so the DCU Book Club is reading Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Might want to check it out for more of Courtney.

Black Adam is another favorite of mine so I was happy to see him here.

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1. How would you compare this introduction to the team with the previous two we’ve read?

It would seem that the team elders have learned a thing or two from the whole Infinity Inc. debacle and have decided to be a lot more open minded.

2. What did you all think of the new Star Spangled Kid, Courtney Whitmore?

I really like her, she quickly became one of my favorite characters in this series.

3. What did you think of the new team and how it was a mix of old and new?

I think that’s what really worked about this series, how they quickly seemed to go from just another team to being almost like family. (and sometimes they even fought like it)

4. What was your favorite moment in the fight between Fate and the Dark Lord?

Just watching Mordru getting his butt handed to him in the end. :rofl:

5. How did you like the villains in these issues?

I do think the series had some interesting villains that were more than one-note characters. How interesting would they be really if they could all be overcome easily?


I would be given to agree with you there. They do seem far more willing to work with the younger generation here then they were in the first issue of Infinity, Inc.

I do like it when a team feels like it’s also a family and this team certainly qualifies as that.

Yep. He deserved it too. :rofl: Nothing like a good Fate smackdown to take Mordru down a peg or two.

I prefer the more complex and developed villains myself although I don’t mind the occasional one note villain just for a change of pace.

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  1. This was one of the smoother introductions. It is interesting to note what DC had in the JSA when this was released. Starman debuted the same month that the JSA seemed to be destroyed forever. But his book was now on issue #56 and had reignited interest in the Golden Age characters. The Spectre had a long series that ended the year before. Within that series a new Mr. Terrific had debuted. The New Star spangled Kid debuted one week before the Secret Files issue came out. Hourman was on issue #5. JJ Thunder had just been introduced over in JLA with a JLA/JSA team up. Dr. Mid-Nite had his mini series end only two months previous. Things were poppin’ in JSA land!

  2. Stars and STRIPE is still my least favorite Geoff Johns series ever. Of course, I still like it, but someone has to be last. She seemed like a realistic teen girl of the day and she grew over the years. I enjoy her tv show and she’s just been renewed for season #3!

  3. Everything they tried seemed to work just right. Some of the experienced members were actually moved out to make room for other experienced members. And a cool new character was just a page away it seemed.

  4. I was one of the people that got spoiled in the Secret Files. His “Who’s Who” listed his first appearance as Adventure Comics #369. Since that’s my favorite Legion tale ever, I knew immediately who the Dark Lord was. My favorite moment was when Dr. Fate returned on the last page of #3.

  5. My favorite villain was the guy they borrowed from the Legion of Super-Heroes.

I often how wonder how good it could have been if Kolins was the artist the whole time.