[JSA Book Club] Week 17: Dark Knight's Daughter[Oct. 17-31]

I enjoy that about both of those books as well.

You would think she would make him aware of it. On the other hand she might be concerned he’d stop her. I do wonder if he isn’t already aware. He is Batman after all. I would also think she would want access to Bruce’s resources then again she is his daughter as well as Selina’s. I could see her wanting to go her own way.

I agree. I think this sort of trope has been over used in comics. There are far to many characters with deaths as a catalyst for taking up a cape.

I think he could do so as well. He could be a very effective Commish that way. I suppose though he would need to actually follow the laws and also let his officers do the job.

In a pocket universe of course! :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:


I think I want to attribute costume changes to the Atom. In some off panel discussion where he gives heroes the use of his Dwarf star to at least let heroes hide their costumes and not his ability. I’m sticking with that! Btw I almost wrote Pym particles! :shushing_face:


I’m a day late with this. My apologies! Here are my answers, though:

  1. I think the most important thing about living up to a legacy is that you make it yours and you do it your way. I think this is especially important with the Bat legacy. There is only one Bruce Wayne and, let’s face it, you don’t want to be him even if you could be. In my estimation, the most successful Bat-successors have made it their own rather than trying to become Bruce. Great examples of this are Dick Grayson in Morrison’s Batman & Robin or Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond. Both Dick and Terry are fun to read/watch because they are not trying to be Bruce. They are making the legacy their own. I think Helena does well in this regard. She’s Huntress, not Batwoman. She also has thrown some Catwoman colors into her costume so she’s honoring both mother and father. She’s very much not Bruce and that works for her.,

  2. Do you have to experience tragedy to become a hero? No, but it helps. I used to play a lot of D&D and I remember one of the game designers saying something like: “Yeah, a lot of adventurers have tragic back stories because, if you didn’t experience some kind of trauma, why would you put yourself through the dangers of being an adventurer?” I think it’s a lot like that with superheroes. Who in their right mind would dress up in a costume and risk death by fighting criminals, monsters, and aliens? Tragedy is a great catalyst to convince someone to do this. Again, not necessary, but maybe the best reason to become a hero.

  3. Is police commissioner an elected position in Gotham? If so, did Bruce just buy the election? I mean, we all know he is Batman which makes him qualified, but the good people of Gotham don’t know that. I doubt that billionaire playboy really makes for a solid police commissioner resume, so I’m guessing he won the election with oodles and oodles of money. Otherwise, I’m not sure he’s a great choice. As Batman, he was used to operating outside the law and pesky things like Constitutional rights. He would have to work hard to get used to his new legal constraints. Also, his first act as commissioner involved getting manipulated by Psycho Pirate. Not a good look, Bruce…

  4. The stories were alright. I’m not a big Bronze Age fan, though, so they were only just alright. What I liked about Helena’s trip to Earth-1 was the fact that Bruce couldn’t even deal with a theoretical daughter. I mean, here Bruce is, face to face with a young woman who could be his daughter. She’s desperate for advice. What does he do? Pawns her off on his ex-girlfriend. Well done, buddy…

That’s all from me! I’m sorry I was so hard on Bruce today. He knows I’m just playin’…

  1. Helena has quite a legacy to live up to. How would you handle such a legacy?

By being a disappointment, probably. :sweat_smile:

  1. Like father like daughter. Helena takes up the mantle of The Huntress because of her mother’s murder. Heroes oftentimes have some tragedy or other that is the catalyst for their creation. Do you think this theme is completely necessary for a hero?

A hero in general? No. But it kind of feels like a pre-requisite for a Batman themed hero.

  1. So what did you think of Commish. Bruce Wayne? Do you think he’s qualified for the position and that he’s a good choice?

On one hand, he has a LOT of experience in the realm of fighting crime. On the other, said experience heavily comes from him openly flaunting and breaking the law on a nightly basis, so…kinda?

  1. Overall what did you think of these stories? What about Helena’s trip to Earth 1?

The Super-Star issue that introduced Huntress was pretty good. Not only was Huntress’ story told well, but so was Green Arrow’s. I forget who the other one was, but I remember liking that one well enough too.

The All-Star issues were really good – way better than the Roy Thomas issues that we started with, honestly.

The Batman Family issues were mostly good, with some elements I didn’t like. The Batman stories were good, especially the ones with Michael Golden doing the art. Robin’s was decent, though not as good as the more Bronze Age-era back-ups he had in Batman/Detective. Batgirl’s probably the weakest, partly because I never liked her turn as a Congresswoman, and there was a surprisingly lot of racist material against Asain people in it.

As for Huntress’ stories there, it was getting pretty interesting. Sad to hear that the next part isn’t digitalized.

  1. I’m in my twenty-fifth year of running the family farm with my cousin. It dates back to 1867 and we’re still in business.

  2. Let’s see…Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Robin, Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter, yep it helps!

  3. I think Jim Gordon dared him to do it. If DC Super Stars #17 is to be believed, Helena becomes the Huntress before he becomes Police Commissioner. So she takes down Silky Cernak, then Bruce gets elected, then we have the adventures with the JSA, then Helena goes public as the Huntress. I want a lost Gotham City tale where Alan Scott disappears and leaves Commissioner Wayne talking to himself.

  4. #69 is just awesome. We get a stark reminder that Kryptonians on Earth Two aren’t quite as super. It’s JSA: Civil War and Bruce is calling in the troops. And if he’s at the JSA HQ then who is that pointy eared shadow at the hospital. Is there a new Batman running around? No, because they put Huntress on the cover so the surprise has already been spoiled. GRRRR! Someone else shows up to visit Power Girl, the blue suit he wears as much of a giveaway to his identity as the more famous costume he has on underneath.

Meanwhile the JSA battles the JSA in the Batcave. The battle is evenly matched and looks like it could take a while until Superman busts through a wall carrying Power Girl. And when Clark tells them to stop they listen! Power Girl has figured out that it was the Psycho Pirate that had been controlling Bruce as well. Batman sobbing and telling everyone he is sorry? This MUST be an imaginary story.

#70: For one brief shining moment the entire JSA was together. Then everyone leaves. Even Power Girl runs off to get her tryout in Showcase. Wildcat and Star Spangled Kid fight Strike Force, get captured, Huntress shows up, the end.

#71: Star Spangled Kid decides he needs to leave because his brother took over the family company and used it to fund Strike Force. No one answers the emergency signal as everyone is busy so it’s still just the three from last issue. This shadow thing with Dr. Fate and Hawkman is what I’m most interested in.

The Huntress, Helena Wayne, is my favorite new hero from this era. I like how she brings both of her parents to her crime fighting ways. She and Power Girl are the crowning achievements in this era of JSA.

I like the trip to Earth One. I guess they wanted her to get exposure from meeting Batman, Robin, Batgirl and Batwoman. And right from the start he is “Uncle Bruce.” The best part is when she has to try to capture the Earth One version of her mother. The Joker arc in her backups was my favorite with the guest star helping her out at the end.


Congratulations on the farm.


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