[JSA Book Club] The JSA Returns [Jan. 1-15]

Hello fellow JSA fans and welcome to the first session of the JSABC for 2021. This week we will be taking a look at the mini series The JSA Returns which was published in 1999 and futures a WWII story in which the JSA must stop a villain calls Stalker from ending all life everywhere. So let’s call this first meeting of the new year to order and get started!


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Reading Order

Discussion Questions

    1. What did you think of this series overall? What were you favorite moments or panels?
    1. Which team up was your favorite and why?
    1. Which was your favorite fight in these issues?
    1. What did you think of Dr. Occult is plan to stop Stalker?
    1. What about that ending? What did you think of it?
    1. Did you enjoy the art in these issues and which cover was your favorite?

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Next session we will be returning to The All Star Squadron once again and in February our friends over at the Justice League Book Club and the JSABC will be combining teams for a crossover event. Stay tuned


A bit of interesting information on the “Titles” of the above issues. Each one was a Golden Age comic book and most of them featured JSA related characters.

  1. As we know All Star Comics spotlighted the JSA. It was originally published by All American Publications, a company that would later merge with others to form DC.

  2. All American Comics spotlighted Green Lantern, the Atom, Doctor Mid-Nite, Red Tornado and others. It was originally published by All American Publications and ran from 1939-1948.

  3. Adventure Comics spotlighted Hourman, Starman, Sandman, the JSA and LOSH among others. It was published by DC comics and is DC’s fifth longest running series.

  4. National Comics spotlighted Uncle Sam and was published by Quality Comics from 1940-1949.

  5. Sensation Comics spotlights Wonder Woman but also Mister Terrific, Wildcat and others. It was published by DC from 1942-1952 with a revival in 2014.

  6. Smash Comics was a Golden Age anthology that was published by Quality Comics from 1939-1949.

  7. Star Spangled Comics spotlighted Star Spangled Kid and Stripesy among others. It was published by DC from 1941-1952.

  8. Thrilling Comics was published by Standard Comics and ran from 1940-1951.


Also if you have trouble with any of the links let me know. There was a problem over in my other club with some of the links so I wanted to let you know.

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Yeah I noticed the same thing @TurokSonOfStone1950 and I sent in a ticket as well.


I may not have time to read them all. The general layout reminds me of the 2003 JSA All Stars series. The first and last issue are the main story and everything between is character based and could all be read as stand alone.

Just an interesting fact- according to TV tropes these were auditions for who would take over for Robinson after he left JSA. They went with some nobody named Geoff Johns. I am sure nobody will remember him by the year 2001.

  1. I really liked the interactions between Matthew and Rex and its use of legacy. I think it symbolizes that legacy is a way to still live after death (and it made a great tie in for the JSA storyline “Outta Time” later).

That is an interesting fact @MatthewHecht.

I liked that interaction as well but I think my favorite interaction here was between Green Lantern and Johnny Thunder. Especially this panel


Johnny had been feeling useless on the mission but he saved the President’s life by taking a strike meant for him. This is just more proof that even the little guy can be a hero. (Johnny Thunder is a favorite of mine. GL too.)


TheCosmicMoth Returns to answer his book club questions!

  1. Overall, I really enjoyed The JSA Returns. It followed that classic Gardner Fox formula of: 1) Start with group together and introduce the conflict. 2) Have group spilt up to tackle separate missions either individually or in teams. 3) Bring group back together to resolve conflict. The formula still works, and the different missions allowed the writers to explore the darker moments of our WWII history like the bombing of Dresden and our first forays into germ warfare. Also, you know me and I really love obscure Golden Age references:
    Americommando or Marksman
    From National Comics

    The Marksman from Quality’s Smash Comics #33

  2. My favorite team-up was probably Starman and The Atom in Adventure Comics. Starman struggling with the fact that he was helping invent the atomic bomb ties in with Robinson’s The Golden Age and his run on Starman from the 90’s. I’ve also always enjoyed the chip on Atom’s shoulder and his need to prove himself despite his size. That was the personality trait that set him apart even back in the Golden Age stories.

  3. My favorite fight was probably Hippolyta, Hawkgirl, and Speed Saunders vs. the Sea Monster. The battle had a mythical quality to it complete with Poseidon’s Trident. It was also fun watching Speed try to keep up. In the end, tough, I’m just a sucker for beautiful women in costume yielding legendary weapons.

  4. In hindsight, Dr. Occult’s plan was pretty foolish since it didn’t quite work and cost him his soul. If I didn’t know that, though, and he pitched it to me then I would be like: Yeah, makes sense. Dude needs a soul to chill out, so let’s give him one. It was a risky move that didn’t work as intended, but still helped win the war.

  5. The ending played out a bit fast and felt a little rushed, but it was a nice, nostalgic farewell to Rex. Had it been plotted out a bit cleaner, it could have had me in tears.

  6. I did enjoy the art in all the books. I will give a shout-out to Chris Weston in Star Spangled Comics for having the most unique style. I wouldn’t call Weston’s art “pretty,” but it was different and I appreciate that.

Also, that is pretty interesting, @MatthewHecht. In the end, I’m glad they went with Johns, though… I wouldn’t have minded either Waid or Peyer.


I got to reading Hourman/ Dr. Mid-Nite team up. I really loved their reckless and holier than thou flaws playing off each other. It obviously ends with their friendship that will end with them dying together in Zero Hour.


I enjoyed their team up myself because of how their flaws played off each other.

  1. I thought this was a fun series that ends up leading to JSA. I honestly didn’t even realize this lead up to that until this read.

  2. I enjoyed the Atom and Starman team up. You see how Atom ends up becoming powered up.

  3. I think they were all very similar since they were kind of elemental enemies. I liked the Atom/Starman fight since it dealt with the nuclear bomb.

  4. He saved himself to stop him but couldn’t he have picked a person who was on their deathbed to inhabit his body?

  5. It was a fun set of books that definitely reminded me of old Justice League books. They all go fight a battle and then all team up at the end to finish it.

  6. I don’t have one favorite. I like both covers of All Star Comics since they go together.