:jsa_book_club: JSA Book Club: The Cat's Meow [3/1/23 - 3/15/23] :jsa_book_club:

Welcome to the first installment of the JSA Book Club for the month of March. I apologize for dropping the ball a little after last month’s surgery. I’m happy to report that I’m feeling much better and on the way to recovery.

This month’s selection features everyone’s favorite costumed felines Catwoman and Wildcat. Is that chemistry I smell…or is it just catnip?

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This month’s reading:

Catwoman & Wildcat #1-4

Discussion Questions:

1: What is your opinion of Catwoman? Villain? Antihero? Or something in between…

2: What do you think of these two as a pair? Odd couple, or cute couple? Would it ever last?

3: Should Ted let her go, or make her give back the cash?

Sorry, I’m somewhat short on thought-provoking questions, but I thought this was a cool miniseries and I really enjoyed reading it, and thought you all would too. :smile_cat:


We understand and are glad you are back.

I never heard of this miniseries, so this should be interesting.

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Since we are talking about cats.

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This is going to be fun and worth reading!:smiley:

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I just read the first issue. I’m a fan of a lot of what these writers have done in the past, which includes I’m pretty sure Batman stories.

It was fun seeing Wildcat and Catwoman in their regular identities without the uniforms meeting each other and chatting.

The villain has me kind of chuckling, both with his choice of being comfortable in his clothing when he’s relaxing in his room and also his motivations. I work from home and spend all my workdays in what some would also consider pajamas, workout sweatpants and pocket t-shirt with flannel shirt.


I’m gonna start reading a little today. I like catwoman and the first time I saw wildcat was in the show Batman The brave and the bold a good Batman show you should watch it basically is Adam wests Batman mixed with Michael Keaton


Is Catwoman’s whole “costume” made of paint or something? It also distracts me that in her towel scene her arms have no muscles and later she is shown with muscular arms. Does she keep muscle padding in her suit or something? I really do not like her purple costume. Just had to get how I felt about this story’s sexualization off my chess first.

I enjoyed the last 2 issues and not the first 2. Clawhammer was what I liked about issue 3 for his comedy. He reminds me of a lower stakes version of the Ninja Turtles villain Savanti Romero, a guy with a big ego and no idea what he is actually doing and the butt monkey despite his threat level. I did not enjoy the Catwoman/Wildcat relationship in issues 1-3, but I liked their drama in issue 4.

1- She is a villain. Anti-heroes are just villains in denial.

  1. Odd couple that would never last, and they know it. They are not looking for a long term romance but a reliable partner for some arousal here and there. We know in JSA #10 it is shown they stay in touch in a relationship that is implied to involve seeing each other naked (They really have a lot of sex jokes in the series). Basically they want to have multiple one night stands with each other.

  2. He should and will not. Catwoman is already loaded with money.

Not every comic has to be thought provoking. Johns, Robinson, Goyer, and Thomas already make plenty of those for the JSA characters alone. Sometimes you just need a comic filled with mindless violence and fan service (I presume people who are a fan of this Catwoman design like that part more than me).

Forgot one thing- I liked that Catwoman called the money by the Presidents’ name. I always enjoy that gag when the greedy reveal their truest friends.

I just finished the 1st issue and I really hate the purple costume I’d rather want a costume like in the Arkham games

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I’m excited for next month’s comic


Glad to hear, @hj323555.82806! You’ll have to share your thoughts with us when it comes out. :slight_smile: