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Since I’ve been sick, I’d love to use my post this month, to let our members tell us about their favorite JSA storylines. The stories you choose can be from any era. Please try to limit your answers to only 2-3 at most to give others a chance to answer as well.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you all, and I will post my own soon.


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I actually last month made my top 10 list.

Top 3 are-

  1. My Heroes

  2. Black Vengeance

  3. Princes of Darkness

I have discussed My Heroes on the book club in great detail twice now. In only one 20 page issue it is full of character development, has no villain, feels very grounded (ironic as Stargirl is flying in plenty of it), and it wraps up a storyline that that started 7 years prior in Stars and STRIPE #book-clubs-2021

Black Vengeance is the one I have described the least on here. I am a real sucker for redemption stories, and this is full of it, while limiting itself to only 4 necessary characters (Atom Smasher, Spectre, Black Adam, and Stargirl) while giving many others brief yet meaningful roles.
When binging the run I appreciate that all three of the main artists up to that point got to draw on it. It helps to feel like the conclusion to the main stories from the past 6 years and showing all the great ways the characters have changed and how all three have gotten better.

Princes of Darkness- In @JasonTodd428 's posts we are currently in the middle of it. This storyline cemented that I would keep this subscription, and one image from it is one of my wallpapers.

Unlike Black Vengeance everybody gets a key role, yet there are still major characters driving a linear narrative filled with giant fights like Dr. Fate vs. Mordru balanced out by big internal conflicts like Stargirl and Billy’s debate on heroic higher standards. This was Goyer’s last issue, and he succeeded at going out with a huge bang.


I’m so sorry you’re sick @Aurora, hope you get well soon.

My favorite JSA story is the Thanksgiving story where JSA & Justice League come together and have a Thanksgiving dinner. With alot of good humor, it’s a great story.
I pretty much like any story that Stargirl is in, since she’s introduce me to JSA, thanks to her first comic book appearance Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. Beside her, I’m a fan of Stripsey, Hawkman, The Flash & Sandman.
I just now remember it was Smallville 2 part episodes that introduce me to JSA, that was really a great episode that made me wish there was a spin off series which sadly never happened.
The Thanksgiving comic story and Smallville 2 part episodes are my two most favorite JSA story. :jsa_book_club: :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s a cool idea @Aurora!

I pretty much love any story that features Stargirl or the All Star Squadron although my absolute favorite stories are the annual JSA/JLA crossovers. Something about seeing the two teams working together just hits all the right notes for me.



I notice I’m not in a roll call, I’ve join the club since November and haven’t left. But that’s ok, your health is alot more important, get well soon.:slightly_smiling_face:


Similar to @JasonTodd428 , probably my very favorite version of the JSA is the one that appeared in the first Justice League of America yearly Crisis event in the Silver and Bronze Ages, along with appearances by those versions of the JSA in other Silver Age comics.

So, for sure, the Granddaddy of them all, “Crisis On Earth-One” From Justice League Of America #21 (1963) / “Crisis On Earth-Two” From Justice League Of America #22 (1963).

Recently, DC Universe Infinite finally offered my favorite JSA Silver Age team up in the new Ultra version of DCUI. Just go to the new Omnibus:

and on pages 155-205 you’ll find the two Silver Age JSA team up issues, The Brave and the Bold #61-62, featuring adventures of Black Canary and Starman!

Brave and Bold #61: (Black Canary and Starman vs The Mist)

Brave and Bold #62 (Black Canary and Starman vs The Sportsmaster and the Huntress):

b and b 62