:jsa_book_club: JSA Book Club: Independence Day [7/1-22 - 7/15-22]

Happy Independence Day from JSA Book Club. This is the time of year most of us enjoy time with family, barbecue and reflect on the freedoms we enjoy as a nation and watch FIREWORKS!!! (yes it’s all about the controlled explosions)

But first…


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What to Read

The Big All-American Comic Book #1

Discussion Questions:

#1: Who is your favorite ‘old time’ hero featured in this issue?

#2: There are lots of now-obscure characters that most modern readers may not be familiar with. Which is your favorite and why?

That’s all until our next adventure…we’ll be back mid-month with some All-Star Squadron.




123 pages!!!


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It’s a little daunting when you see a 123 pages, it’s like six comics in one or more, but this friendly table of contents does help narrow down what I think will be fun to read:

Along with all the traditional heroes we’re all familiar with on this list, I’m also curious to check out The Blue Boys and The Ghost Patrol.

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I want to read Hawkman, Hawkman, and Hawkman.

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Premiere date for Stargirl season 3 is set for August 31st.

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First thing I notice is they have stories from only 2 of my 4 favorite members (I was realisticly hoping for 3 of 4). Oh well.

Wonder Woman-

Okay, it is already mocking me for my last sentence.
With that opening I did not expect such an enjoyably and light hearted goofy story.

The cook Book Zooville- I have no idea if that is racist or a joke about racism by attacking the stereotype of them being savages (the apes/blacks sure seem highly intelligent).

The Atom- Interesting, as I a few days ago helped return a lost beagle who showed up at my house. Instead of caviar he got senior dog food, but he was more interested in the water I gave him.

I really liked this one. Always great to see Al.

Johnny Thunder- That was weird. I will continue later.

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Green Lantern- Not that interesting. Notice Green Lantern punched the guy instead of taking advantage of being Green Lantern

Mr. Terrific- Still feels weird when that means Terry, despite that I like Terry more than Michael. This was pretty good, and I enjoy it when rich superheroes do weird things like that.

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Wildcat-so weird seeing him with brown hair instead of gray, but I like seeing crime fighting mixing with his boxing career. I liked this one.

Hawkman- Not exactly unique, but I got to add some pictures to my Hawkman collection.

The Flash- Fun ending, but not too interesting.

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So the Ghost Patrol, starting on page 77 of this massive missive, is actually three ghosts!!! Very similar to Casper the Ghost and his spooky uncles.

I was hoping for something more like the cowboy Ghost Rider idea but this was fun anyway.

This is another 1940’s story dealing with corrupt construction, dangerous foundations that sort of thing. This comes up a lot in the movie serials like for Green Hornet of the time as well as I believe the Superman radio show.

A fun frolic.

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