:jsa_book_club: JSA Book Club - Father's Day [6/1/22 - 6/15/22]


This month’s post is all about Dad…those who we were born to by chance, or those that came into our lives by choice. Whether you are celebrating with or simply remembering yours this year, there is no doubt of the huge impact they make on our lives.


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This Month’s reading:

JSA #38 and JSA #81

Discussion Questions:

1: In JSA #38 Hourman gets a chance for that hour-long “one last talk” with his dad. What would you say to yours? If not him, who else would you choose to use that hour talking to instead?

2: The stereotypical father’s day present is a tie. Pick your favorite comic-dad and buy them one. What color is it? What does it have on it?


38- I remember being dissapointed the first time I read it. The title, and picture made me think this would be an epic battle issue instead of a small scale character focused issue.

Considering the Brownstone had way less security issues afterwards I think Power Girl did the trick. Maybe she is actually smarter than Mr. Terrific.

I do not blame Jakeem’s aunt for how she is acting. Effectively being what seems to be a single mother to Jakeem and dealing with the Thunderbolt is probably misery.

Somebody on reddit once thought nobody on the JSA funds the team.

More evidence that Sandy spares no expense. One reason if I was in a superhero draft he might be my first overall pick.

First time I read JSA I was mostly confused by this hour to talk and multiple times forgot about it when it came up again. It made way more sense on a reread.

I think Jakeem’s dad has amnesia. Rick and his dad remind me of my relationship with my mom much more than my dad. Much more of a personal and emotional talk.

Since dad is alive I have no need for that talk, so I would talk with MawMaw. I would just wing the talk and try to enjoy it.

81- One of my favorite storylines, and my favorite single issue storyline. I know last time we covered this I basically wrote a giant essay on it. I will probably do the same this time.

I really love the cover especially STRIPE’s pose, which looks just as ready to pull her away from danger than actually help her. It fits his character.

The radio description foreshadows Damage in Justice Society of America.

Eaglesham is my favorite Stargirl artist, but it does distract me that he changed his drawings of her hair. Here he draws it yellow, and he later draws it as golden.

Imagine if Mike acted like that in the show. Stargirl actually does know he does not mean that since only she remembers what happened to them in JSA/JSA.

I presume the line about Mike calling her fat was a callback to when she worried the suit made her look fat in Stars and STRIPE, but it is also about Star and Pat’s symbiotic bond. They both comfort each other when they feel bad. Pat does it with small talk, and Star does it with longer speeches and standing up for him.

I have studied this and the surrounding panels quite a bit. It might be the only time he ever showed actual concern for his daughter, and he did it too late. Of course he could just be thinking of a way to use her for a get rich quick scheme too.

I think Stargirl’s speech to Pat is some great advice on fatherhood (and self forgiveness). It is not about being perfect and avoiding mistakes. It is about accepting them and fixing them.

I like that her second response to Shade showing up is she needs to go rescue Jack. If she loses him Mike is the only brother she has left (other than most of the JSA of course).

I cannot tell for the question if you mean best dad or favorite dad so I will answer both

Best- Aquaman gets a green tie to match is pants with a sperm whale on it.

Favorite- Batman gets a yellow tie to match his belt. Plain and simple yellow.

For a bonus here is my favorite JSA related fatherhood panel.

I don’t mind the character-driven issues, in fact as an author, I tend to be a sucker for them. I love it when the writers go in-depth and really flesh out the characters as people. That sort of writing is one of the things I actually love most about this series in general. It really conveys the sort of ‘chosen family’ vibe they have going here. Family isn’t always a matter of genetics, it’s the people that are there for you no matter what.

As for the tie question…it was just meant to be random and fun in a pick-a-random-dad sort of way. There is no wrong answer.

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I like the issue. I was simply disappointed the first time, since I thought it would be something else due to the title.