JSA Book Club: Always Have a 'Plan B' [9/1/22] - [9-15-22]

It’s good to be back for the first JSA Book Club post for the month of September. Thanks so much to those who wrote to check up on me when I was in the hospital. I must admit comics are very good company when you’re stuck in bed…and even better when you’re not.

My original idea was to post a story from the 2007 run that I have enjoyed quite a lot. Unfortunately, I had to go to ‘Plan B’ when I discovered the story is in an 80-page Giant issue that DCUI hasn’t digitized yet. (oops…)

Speaking of making other plans…our reading for this month shows us a slightly different version of The JSA and Infinity Inc.


Convergence: Justice Society of America #1&2

Convergence: Infinity Inc #1&2


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1: We get a slightly different take on both teams here. What do you like and/or dislike about the alternate versions of these teams and characters?

2: What characters that have never teamed up in a comic have you always wanted to pair up for an adventure?

That’s all for this month…sorry this post is so brief, but I am still at home on bed rest for the next few weeks. Please send more new comics…chocolate…and plushies…(Rora is going a little stir-crazy being stuck in bed.)


Is Hank normally drawn that ripped?

How often does Ordway but not draw? That feels weird. I like Tom Derrenick’s art (especially his work on Stargirl in New 52), so I am happy to be looking at more of his work.

Just finished JSA: Convergence. I think the pacing was off and it would have been best to cut out Infinity Inc entirely. On the other hand it had some cool Hawkman images. My favorite part was all the strategy in defeating the robot.

As an elseworld to answer Question 1 I enjoyed their discussions of dealing with aging. I presume in this world Hawkman does not just come. Some members’ absence felt wrong (Wildcat), but it was probably for the best to not bloat a two issue storyline with so many characters.

Batman and Dr. Tommy Oliver



Just read the Infinity Inc one.

I do not remember Todd being than angry when in Infinity Inc, and I normally remember Brainwave probably being the most calm guy there, so this comes off as odd to me.

With their powers lost why can Northwind still fly?

With how big and muscular he is I think Al can still count as a superhero. He can probably shatter a brick wall no problem.

I have trouble seeing Hector giving up without powers like he did.