:jsa_book_club: JSA Book Club [7/1/23 - 7/15/23] It's My Party & I'll Cry If I Want To

I chose this month’s issue weeks ago because July is my birth month. I’ve always liked this issue since the first time I read it. I’ve always dreamt of finding myself surrounded by a crazy but loving ‘found family’ of my very own like the JSA.

I don’t have any deep discussion questions to go with the month’s reading selection, just a simple request that you let someone in our little online ‘family’ here know how much getting to meet them has made your world better.

I hoped to never have to write a post like this. Two days ago I found out that my cancer has returned. After this post, I will once again be taking a temporary leave of absence while I try to kick cancer’s ass again. I’m scared but trying my best to stay optimistic. @MatthewHecht will be taking over my posting duties from August 1st on until I am well again.

I’m not leaving DCUI entirely. I will still be around reading and posting. You all aren’t getting rid of me that easily. :wink: Take care of each other.

Sending my love to all of you…



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This Month’s reading:

Justice Society Of America (2006) #26


I better make that word document of potential book club ideas. I am praying for you @Aurora


Me as well.


Welcome @MatthewHecht to posting duties!

@Aurora: I’m.keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Kick cancer’s ass again!


@MatthewHecht is definitely a right man for the job, hope you continue to get well soon @Aurora, I wish you nothing but the best. :slightly_smiling_face:


Time to look into one of my favorite issues.

This is my all time favorite cover.

Probably for the best Black Adam was not there in anyway.

I like that she is surrounded by the only other members there the entire Johns run (Green Lantern, Flash, Wildcat, and Sandman).

In a mostly seriously issue Starman adds a lot of comedy. His storylines lately had been much darker and less comedic than when the series started, showing how much happier he is after Gog’s “gifts” are gone.

The flashbacks really show how much Jakeem changed over the last decade.

Are dentists obsolete in the 21st century?

What is going through that dentist’s mind?