JSA (1999-2006): The Best Justice Society Book Ever?

Lately a large amount of my DCU based comic reading has been centered on the JSA series. As much as I like the other Justice Society titles I’ve read, there’s just something about JSA that makes it stand out from the pack.

What are your thoughts on JSA? Is it your favorite Justice Society title too, or do you lean towards another title of their’s?


I’m going to assume that’s the Geoff John’s run. It’s the only JSA comic I have read so I have no comparison of what came before I enjoy John’s take on the characters. It’s make me excited for in the Star girl TV show coming out later this year. Maybe I need to read JSA written by other authors

I think you could argue it’s one if the best super hero runs ever

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The only other JSA Titles in the library are a few original All Star Comics and JSA.

All Star has a certain amount of charm. I bought the last issue 57, and was happy I did, but it has nowhere the characterization and dynamics of current comics. Tractor Hawkman flew and the Flash ran, but often everybody just walked. It didn’t effect the plot.

JSA had the wrong members Hippoloyta and Starman did not belong there.

In Justice Society there was the right mix. Some were very young, others some experience, or decades of experience. Everybody wanted to be there. It was a big team but that allowed Geoff to use all or few as he wanted. The big three, Jay Garrick, Alan Scott and Wildcat deserved their positions as competent elders if I remember Shaman had feeling for Stargirl, but could not reveal his real age, so he had to leave. Black Adam was there for a while, serving the purpose of Nanor in some Marvel comics. And he worked in Kingdom Code Superman well. I did not like the Power Girl interlude on Earth 2,.especially how the Huntress was depicted

@AnimalPerson Technically it’s the James Robinson, David Goyer and Geoff Johns series, but yes you are thinking of the right title :slight_smile:

One of my favorite character introductions in JSA was that of Roulette. I came to know her from Justice League Unlimited, so I was elated to see her in JSA. You know a title is great when elements of it end up in the DCAU!

Correction: this is the James Robinson, David Goyer, Geoff Johns and Paul Levitz JSA book. Johns is the best known writer of it however.

All-star Squadron has its joys.

@Misfit It does. That’s by Roy Thomas, right? Early 80’s I think.

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I liked the cast of All Star Squadron

Three Justice Society members

Atom, Hawkman and Doctor Midnight

And four non members

Plastic Man, Original Robotmab, Jonny Quick and Liberty Belle

This was not a very powerful team

I remember them trying to take down a plane while they are in an another plane.

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@Vroom Yep. That was Roy Thomas. It would lead to Infinity Inc and be replaced by Young All-Stars.

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@Misfit Those books are good. I really like the material I’ve read from them.

Roy Thomas is a great, great talent.

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I never thought I’d be a fan of JSA, they are a great team. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I will always think of All-Star Squadron as the best JSA title even though it wasn’t based on the JSA primarily.The JSA title started in 1999 was a very close second though!I loved the interactions between the multiple generations of the different members.

@Reaganfan What did you find disssuasive, originally?

I think JSA is one of the better books DC has put out, but will admit in some ways I think the 2006 series is a bit better written, although that is high praise as not much is better written then the 1999 run of JSA. JSA really has had some great stories come out of it in the modern age. Proof to how enduring those characters have become.


My favorite JSA run was when Geof John’s teamed up with Alex Ross to do a sequel to Kingdom come. It was a worthy follow up and well worth reading.

To answer your question, Vroom, yes! No doubt about it.

JSA was an amazing series! I remember when DC was heavily promoting all things Justice Society (the four parter in Morrison’s JLA, the PVC figures from DC Direct and the All-Star Comics mini series to hype up the new series) I was reading Robinson’s Starman at the time, too, so I getting JSA fever at this point. I picked up the first issue and I fell in love with the series. I loved the story of finding the new Dr. Fate, I loved the team coming together, I loved the reveal of the villain and Steve Sadowski’s art was incredible. I picked up every issue for as long as I could (I think my last issue was the Ma Hunkle Christmas issue and the only reason I stopped was because I was in college at the time and had to make sacrifices when it came to finances)

I am absolutely thrilled to see the entire series is in the comics section here. It’s been a joy going through them again.

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I really liked the JSA, not only was I introduced to heroes like Hour Man, and Alan Scott, but I discovered Mister Terrific, Amazing Man, and Black Lightning’s daughter Lighting. Plus I enjoyed the JLA and JSA team ups!

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Hi @MisfitMarvel, Again I miss your question from the old board! I’m so thankful that this new board you can easily contact a person.
To answer your question, I use to think JSA were a boring team with a bunch of boring heroes. Then years later Smallville did a 2 part episodes of JSA former heroes like Hawkman and Dr. Fate, that was when my interest started.
I was at the time a huge fan of JLA cause I like the well known heroes. Now I really like JSA and would like to learn more about the not so well known heroes.:slightly_smiling_face:

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