Jonah Hex Bronze Age Omnibus... Cancelled?!?

I haven’t read anything official, but according to Amazon, Jonah Hex Bronze Age Omnibus is no longer available for preordering. When I searched for any news about it, nothing shows up. Right now, it can still be preordered on Barnes and Noble, but I think their website takes longer to match current updates. Does this mean the omnibus is being cancelled?

Probably. They often cancel books without saying anything. But it could also be a delay. I would check back in a few weeks, if nothing has changed then it was canceled.


Update: Barnes and Noble has removed it from being preordered. Why is Jonah Hex being cancelled?!?

You may be right about a delay (which I hope), but either I would not stay up with news (or lack of news) to know if there have been previous delays, or the Omnibus is truly being cancelled. If it is cancelled, that would really be a bummer. I know a few people were looking forward to it, but I guess demand wasn’t high enough.

Near Mint Condition said it was cancelled. Maybe it’ll get resolicited in the future

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Update- It has indeed been cancelled, and will now be resolicited as Weird Western Tales. Instead of an omnibus, this "up"dated version will remove the Jonah Hex solo issues and be more of a volume than an omnibus. Bummer.

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That’s sad.

Hex is one of my faves and was really looking forward to picking this one up.

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It will probably get re-solicited later with a new title that doesn’t include the words “Bronze Age.” For some reason DC has been dropping that designation from their BA collections. Personally, I don’t see what their problem is unless they think “Bronze Age” won’t sell as well as “Golden” or “Silver” sets. The first comics I read were Bronze Age classics, so I was excited to see more material from this period finally being given the omnibus treatment.

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Most people like the Bronze Age more than Golden Age or Silver. Seems like it would be good marketing. Gosh darn it,
I reckon that that thar cowboy iss a besseller so they ain gonna wait til that cow hazbeened milked ov all its cash first beefor they release a Bronzen Age Omnibus.

Looks like this has been resolicited as WEIRD WESTERN TALES: JONAH HEX HC with an April release.

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