Jon Kent, Superman, Will Be Coming Out As Bisexual!

Here’s the article from IGN where they announce it:

What are your guys’ thoughts? Are you interested?

Warning: No homophobia will be tolerated. I’ll just flag your post if you’re being bigoted. Don’t waste your’s or my time please.


I just saw, I love the continued LGBTQIA+ rep from DC!

I’d personally love to see a potential relationship with Jon and Damian down the line too :black_heart:


Yeah, idk how it’d work now with the age gap stuff. But I guess if the aging was appropriate I wouldn’t be opposed to it.


Yeah I’ll be forever bitter about that :sweat_smile:
I admittedly am not totally up to date with all the comics but if it we’re ever a valid possibility id love to see it.


I think at this point they’ve started to age Damian up a little bit – I think right now Damian is considered 15, and I think Jon is 17/18, so the gap isn’t as bad now. That said, Damian is having some romance of his own in his own book in the form of Flatline, so that’s probably not going to happen that way.


By the way, I have to share the funniest comment I’ve seen about this on reddit:


I think most people would be pretty happy if Damian and Jon ended up dating in the long run when the age gap is a little more acceptable. Their history together and general camaraderie would make for an interesting and fun relationship (very Beast Boy and Raven in a way).

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I also am a big SuperBat fan so I’m bias :sweat_smile: and while I know Bruce and Clark would never actually have a relationship together…would be nice to see this new generation of Batman and Superman do so. But yeah, way down the line and we’ll into their adult careers.

I’m getting Gwen Stacy vibes.

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Heh, it kind of gives off a similar energy to when Teen Scott and X-23 were a thing for a hot second when adult Scott and Logan were still around. :rofl:

Well, at least in this case Jay should be a lot less worried about being around bridges.


:grinning: alright,i still think dating with the age jump is weird though

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This is valid. I’m not huge on pushing any relationship between them at the moment. Because it’s just weird to project that on kid characters. But I wouldn’t be opposed to it in the long run.

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I don’t really mind Jon being bi.

However, the Batfamily has 2 lesbians (Kate and Helena W.) and four bisexuals (Tim, Steph, Harper, and Selina) and I think they have the most representation in the LGBTQ community of any hero faction in DC with 1/4th of the family being part of it. Plus Damián seems to have something of a romance (for him) going on with the woman who literally stole his heart in Robin vol 4 issues 1 Flatline.
However, I honestly do not like Jon/Damián’s angle they were each other’s first friends let’s leave it that way. I will admit for Jon I ship Jon/Yara Flor
Side note: Personally, I would love to see a second-gen Batcat romance between Damian and Shoes/Lian Harper.


Unless I’m missing something, I don’t think it’s ever been said anywhere that Steph is bi.


(embarrassed emoji) I Might have gotten it mixed up with Harper Row’s bio in my head.

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ok checked and acording to DC database fandom Steph finds Zatanna attractive in Young Justice Vol 3 #5 i paged through it and she says Zatanna is ‘hot’ on page 12 and on page 13 she does seem almost to check out Z.

I mean…she’s not wrong. Zatanna being hot is, like, objective fact. :laughing:

But seriously, I think it’s fair to say that both straight men and women can acknowledge that someone of the same sex is attractive, at least in a conventional way.


Why would they need to retcon Damien into being Bi too? Isn’t changing Jon enough? Why can’t two guys just be friends. That’s kinda odd



I don’t think it’d be a retcon since there’s nothing that it would contradict of his past. I agree that it’s good to have healthy male relationship representation in media. That said, in general, my only CURRENT issue with a romantic relationship between Damien and Jon is that Jon has been forced to age up. That gap just makes me uncomfortable to talk about them in a romantic relationship. But in a hypothetical world where they’re both aged up and on the same maturity level, I wouldn’t have an issue with it. It wouldn’t contradict either of their characters or past relationships.