Jon Kent Character Assassination on Superman & Lois

Jon has gone from being the best character to being the worst. The newest episode encapsulated it, “Who are you?”

When it comes to worst character, for me Anderson is the raining champ on that end. No matter what he personally gets frustrated with I still can never like him because of how he reacts to things.

As far as Jon I still like him overall and guess that depends on everyone’s personal take with the storyline for him this season.

For instance Jordan had annoyances with his character (especially how he’d blow up at Clark) that he went through which made his growth all the more satisfying. Seeing the characters at their worst and watch them earn becoming their best or if they take an interesting turn and make Jonathan go an unexpected route after this, we’ll see.

Side-note: Interestingly enough some complaints I saw from last season was that Clark and Lois weren’t tough enough when it came to how Jordan was acting at times but this latest episode they went full parent mode with Jonathan. Super satisfying to see and also uncomfortable like I was in trouble :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Dude, I swear I thought that Jon got killed after reading your headline :rofl:

I had a quick “WTF” moment and googled if they killed him off

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I find that the least of my problems with season 2.

Nah, it’s Kyle Cushing. It has always been Kyle Cushing.


Who? On an unrelated note my favorite character is Kyle Cushion.