Jon Cryer's Lex Luthor

What did everyone think about Jon Cryer’s debut as Lex Luthor? How would you rank him with other versions of Lex?

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I think he was excellent. I haven’t had any problems with any of the Lex Luthor’s though.

It would be hard to rank the Lex’s. It’s just as much about the writing as the performance, but I am willing to say that the final scene of last night’s Supergirl episode could be the best Lex moment ever.


I was skeptical but he might be my second favorite live action Lex behind Michael Rosenbaum now.


He respected the actors that came before him while making Lex Luthor his own. An excellent performance. He was a mixture of Gene Hackman, Michael Rosenbaum, and Clancy Brown. He added his own touch to make Luthor similar yet different. I can’t wait to see more.


as Otis Charlie Harper’s brother was a very good Mister Loothor!

resumes normal self

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great, really enjoyed the performance

can always count on Lex to be both mastermind and hero in his own twisted story … Jon conveyed that amazingly well

and hopefully his exchange with Lena about their real parents will prevent her from taking the dark path of her brother–the hanging plot sword for three seasons now

Eve, why :cry:

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He was so good and welcome shot in the arm. His Lex was excellent. I was skeptical not because two and half men but as Washout from Hot Shots lol , This was much better than the agents of Liberty story line which was dragging me down.


I hope the inclusion of him means we are closer to getting a Superman show. He’s too good a villain to only be on this show IMO.

I like Kara as a character, but I think this show has kind of lost its way and they need to shift gears. I literally fast forward through any scene with Kara’s sister in it or anything that looks handwringy to me.

I really enjoyed how manipulative and genius his portrayal was. Can’t chose between Cryer’s version and Rosenbaum’s. Both had their own strengths. Watching Rosenbaum’s decent into madness was definitive. Great job to both actors! Would have loved to see Jason Stathom cast for BVS.

I am very behind on Supergirl, but glad to hear he did so good, I was very skeptical.

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I’m just not a fan.

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The story was pretty interesting but his performance didn’t amaze me. He was pretty alright. Out of all the Lex Luthors I’ve seen I still think there hasn’t been a great interpretation besides Michael Rosenbaum. This includes Gene Hackman, Jesse Eisenberg, etc.

It’s hard for anyone to top Smallville’s Lex fir sure and I doubt anyone ever will… He IS Lex lol

Overall, the writing’s gotten much better since Lex. I’d pretty much given up on the show. If the episode was heavy on John or Alex, I’d just skip it. Manchester was silly; Agent Liberty started out ok, but it also got ridiculous. Hopefully, they won’t ruin Lex.