Jon Lex Luther?!

Who thought the weasly brother from 2.5 Men was the right choice for one of the biggest of bads in the DCU. I’ll say after one episode (I’m a little behind) that he wasn’t as bad as I feared…but he wasn’t good either. Might be one of the most baffling casting choices I’ve ever seen…and there have been some doozies.


I was iffy at first too but I really like his version of Lex.

Michael Rosenbaum is still the best though.

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He was… ok. Serviceable, but not memorable. I agree, so far Michael Rosenbaum has been the best (with all the ups and downs), along with Clancy Brown (from the Animated Series). Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey were written as clowns. It took me a while, but I finally warmed up to Jesse Eisenberg in BvS:DoJ, but his age and over-the-top acting hurt the story.

I still wish Brian Cranston would have taken the role instead… to me he embodies Luthor.

I loved Michael Rosenbaum as Lex. I particularly liked the way he delivered his lines. He was just right for the small interpersonal villainies in Smallville. I don’t mean that in a demeaning way. Unlike Mr. Nobody, I like character driven comic book shows and comics.

For the big world domination schemes , I think John Cryer is a fine choice. He pulls off the chutzpah needed to put those schemes in action quite well.

I’d never thought Wall Eye from Hot Shots would be a good Lex, but he has been from what I’ve seen.

It runs on the family though, so everything’s ducky.

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I think he’s been great, very good mix of funny and menacing. Besides, the show has always loved stunt casting and he previously played Lex’s nephew so it just makes sense.

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Jesse Eisenberg is worst.

If he wore green and holding a question mark staff, I wouldn’t complain since I left like he was playing as Riddler.

Mark Strong would have been great but he played Dr. Sivana already

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