Joker the movie is unsettling

The movie set out to give this feeling and succeeded. Also the joker theme with the violin mixed with the drum music and the rythm of the whole thing is perfect for this type of character.

Also the perpetual movement he starts with inspiring the city into chaos almost inadvertently and how it inspires him to keep going felt very natural for his descent into madness.

This is a film I’m glad I saw because it is well acted, written, and directed. That being said I will probably only watch it once.

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It really shouldn’t be a pleasant experience to watch a man descend into madness, while never being sure if what we’re seeing is real or a hallucination. Honestly, this is one of those movies that can benefit from repeated viewings, trying to pick out the clues and signs to see how much, if any, of the film is real and how much is fantasy.


I didn’t say it was supposed to be a pleasant experience. I’m still glad I saw the film though

I understood what you meant, and was agreeing with you.

My bad J3D

I apologize if I was unclear. It sounded more like I was agreeing with you in my head.