Joker The Man Who Stopped Laughing (Possible Spoilers)

Wanted to say if anyone hasn’t read this, it is worth reading at least once IMO.

For me, it was a little hard to follow at times, I waited till I had the last three issues in my hand and re-read it all and finished it off. The side stories were absolutely great. What I loved about this versus the Joker series from last year, was this was a story that was actually about the Joker the other one was more about James Gordon and bringing in Banes’ clone daughter or whatever she was that everyone has now forgotten.

Anybeans… The only parts I had congealing with were the time stamps in certain issues where the story was being split between Gotham and L.A; I thought the time stamps were cool at first, but then I being the simpleton that I am got confused easily and would have just preferred if there was an asterisk that read * back in Gotham or *back in LA.

Now; with all the notoriety other DC Comics get for bringing in a new character, I was surprised that this story did not get more fanfare than it did. If it were to become canon, I think it adds a lot to debate about.

The first debate I think would be; which Joker died.?

Now I think that can be answered by identifying which Joker was doing the narrating at the beginning of the story and throughout

The ending of this series for me was perfect and left me with a laugh.

I could see this series easily being a DC animated movie if it was kept close to the comic book.


if anyone else read it, feel free to chime in.


it is it got tied in to gotham war
I was just reading it because I wanted to read about red hood it was okay I liked task force z better

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This is one that I have not read. Hoping to get to it this weekend.


hmm. well still no one seems to have blinked an eye at Joker being killed and replaced.

I do remember reading a part where Jason Todd was for some odd reason terrified for what appeared to be no reason and then seeing ( read Gotham War ) and I was like; don’t tell me what to do!


you could just watch the review on youtube but long story short batman did something to jasons brain gotham war was really not good people are saying its worse then heroes in crises


Jason Todd really gets the short end of the stick in the Bat Family it seems.

I loved at the end how he managed to save everyone in this story, imo it was a total Batman move; but I can’t tell how much in this story Jason was using live rounds or rubber bullets, in some story line I cant remember which , he was using rubber bullets. I think.

But his wanting to kill the original Joker is a bit upsetting to me. In that he has to know that, the Joker would love nothing more than if Jason did kill him.
Again though, with how the story ended, if Jason Todd finds out what happened between the two, it would be interesting to see how he handles it.


Same here, on both fronts