Joker Origin Theory

So I was reading something the other day that points to the theory that the Joker is Batman’s half brother, is this a multiverse or alternate universe theory? Thoughts? Help me out here, cause I have always had the ingrown ideal that the Joker was created by Batman as in the Keaton film.

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Just a fan theory- the only instance where I can remember it being referenced at all was in the Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix.


Thank you, sorry I have been really diving back into a lot here and just seeing all of these alternate theories pop makes it interesting but kind of boggles the mind at the same time. Thank you again! :slight_smile:

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I really wouldn’t trust that theory

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What is your take on it?

Sounds more like Talon than Joker.


Are there just a bunch of rogues out there creating stories from piecing bits of information together when they don’t know the storyline or backstory to any of the characters, what’s the deal?

That is a very accurate description of the Court of Owls.

Mystery is deemed scary, thus writers like making mysterious villains.

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