Joker: Killer Smile 3

“Everything Dr. Ben Arnell knew is wrong. Who can he turn to? The Joker waits with open arms…and all he needs from Ben is open cell doors! The unbelievable psychological thriller from the creators of Gideon Falls hits a fever pitch and crashes to its decisive finale…or does it?”

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This reminded me a lot of Joker’s Year of the Villain issue toward the end. It’s interesting to see how people behave once Joker gets inside their head.

Especially after reading Harleen, Joker seems even more frightening just due to his ability to manipulate people. Add on top of that the fact that he’s a complete and total brutal psycho and it’s terrifying!!!

I really liked the whole Children’s Book vibe across all three books… It would be pretty neat to see the actual book at some point …just the book. I kind of laughed at it referring to Batman as “Mr. Pouts.” Even though this isn’t really a book to laugh at.

Joker handing the kid the balloon at the end and this on the inside of the back cover has me really excited for May:

With Wonder Woman: Dead Earth 2 and then this book, this week’s Black Label books really remind me why like Black Label so much!!! I enjoy the fun silly books and there are some Heroes I can have fun with but I just appreciate the gritty realism of these Black Label books. Sometimes the woman is manipulated by the predator…sometimes you just can’t bear to watch people destroy things any more…sometimes you go a little crazy. To me, these Black Label books are just more real!

I love to collect all the non-variant covers. But when I looked at this cover, I was like, “This looks like a clown from a kid’s story.” I am so glad I stuck to my principles and got the non-variant cover.

So as I read the book, and liked? was disconcerted by the whole Children’s Book vibe. This story, as a whole, from the perspective of the psychologist, reminded me of the Joker movie, was it real or not. And when Mr. P . . . Batman steps in to salvage the pieces of the doctor’s life, we cut to Joker starting all over again. When you read about Joker, you just expect him to be twisted and psychotic; so how does the writer color within the lines, and still surprise and titillate you?
image By blurring the lines.
And still more Joker stories to come. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Happy Castle children’s book either.

I suspect we’re going to be getting a lot of Joker the next few months…

It looks like Criminal Sanity is going to be more than three books, and Joker War is just starting in Batman and I’ve already seen something about that crossing into Nightwing, so I’m sure it’ll include the entire Bat Family!

Then this:

I don’t know yet when it’s going to drop, but it’ll be a Black Label book so THAT’S exciting!!!

Wait what, that was a 2018 article, referencing 2016, it’s 2020!


it’s an eventuality…that’s all that matters!

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I’ve waited much longer for the Batman (1989) movie.

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