Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity 4

When murder is your art, it’s not enough to leave behind a body—the only true satisfaction lies in creating a display worthy of your genius. But elaborate crime scenes also lend themselves to analysis. While the GCPD might not find all the clues, forensic psychiatrist and profiler Harley Quinn is getting closer to the truth…and the killer.

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I was expecting this story to be something it didn’t turn out to be and by that I wasn’t really enjoying it.

I took this morning to start it from the beginning and read it as its own story not expecting the characters to be anything like their namesakes…I’m enjoying it more.

Even though they’re from different places entirely I can see a lot of similarities between the two characters a I can totally see how they’re building up for the two of them to get together at some point.

I’m actually enjoying it more looking at it as its own story even though we’re seeing quite a few looks at the Gotham we’re used…like with the headline on the newspaper The Russian is reading when Harley confronts him in the bar.

The art in this book is AMAZING!


Still waiting for my comic shop to get Black Label :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I just caught up with the latest book. The story is finally picking up. I am stoked for the Secret Files issue. As always, the artwork is amazing.

I also just finished Birds of Prey #1. WOW! It is a great read, although Black Canary comes off as more than a little self centered.

I have The Last God Source book lined up.

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I was VERY satisfied with the Birds of Prey issue this week!
I love watching Harley fight to be good and become a Hero! It’s one of my favorite things!


I totally agree. She is fearless in her pursuit of crime frighting, too. I also liked how they never showed the Joker’s face.

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Death of the Family Joker is what got me back into comics, so Im3 a HUGE Joker fan! Not showing Joker’s face was ALL SORTS of awesome!!!

We don’t get a lot of Joker in comics and having him appear so subtly in this book got me even more excited for Joker War!!!

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The way Harley diffused the situation leaves me with anticipation we’ll see repeated showdowns in the future. Hopefully, these will include confrontations involving Punchline, too. I am a proud member of “Team Harley.”

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I saw a preview for Batman #93 and it’s looking like Harley and Punchline aren’t going to be getting along AT ALL! I won’t spoil anything but if you choose to you can Google “Batman #93 Preview” if you’re interested.

I’m SUPER stoked!!!