Joker: Folie a Deux Official First Trailer Discussion

Let’s discuss this, clowns :00_joker_card1: :00_harley_quinn:




My thoughts:

I feel a sequel is a bit unnecessary. And I’m not saying this because simply because I don’t like musicals, but just in general I think its pointless. Could this be an amazing movie and then I regret everything I say right now? Probably but at the moment, I’m not feeling it. Joker was enough for me to be satisfied. It got its message across & I really thought they were going to close the book on this. It looks interesting, but the musical aspect is what’s drawing me away from this.

We’ll see what happens in time


I think I’m with most people when I say I would have preferred no sequels after Joker. It’s a great standalone film and a sequel could ruin the vague nature of the film that allowed you to interpret the ending - and the rest of the movie - from a variety of perspectives.

However…I’ll admit that this being a musical intrigues me. My preference would be for all original songs instead of a jukebox musical. But that doesn’t mean they still can’t do great covers of certain songs.

Based on this trailer, there are some great shots and scenes that are teased.

SIDE NOTE: Less to do with this trailer specifically, but why do all trailers for all movies have to be so long? I think the first trailer for Fast X was almost 4 minutes long! Trailers should be 90 seconds long


Now THAT was Art :kissing_heart:


Given the trailer it earned the fancy schmancy name Folie a Deux

Enjoyed the 1st movie and been on a kick of rewatching Highschool Musical (lol)

Seems like this might be beautifully toxic. Count me interested.


Perhaps I had too lofty of expectations. Perhaps it’s simply the way studios don’t seem to actually want to market musicals.

Whatever the case, I wanted a little bit more than what I got. We’ve got time for some music though.


god i am so excited for this


Agree. Felt like I watched the whole film in that Joker trailer.

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was a nice trailer i think


As excited as I am for Folie A Deux I don’t have high expectations for how well Harley will be written. I didn’t love that bit in the trailer where she told him she was nobody (or whatever she said.) In comics, movies, and shows she’s always been very vocal about having a PHD/being a doctor/whatever. I know in many of those cases it’s after she breaks away/starts breaking away from the Joker, so I hope that if Harley does have character growth like that in this film universe she’ll be more confident like she always has been. I’m holding onto hope that this movie will do something interesting with her backstory, because if not this sequel will just be entirely useless as a film. (It’s not like we needed a Joker 2, and Harley’s backstory has already been told dozens of times.) I’m still excited to see her in this movie though. I love Lady Gaga and I think the energy she’ll bring to the role will be killer. When the casting was first announced I had my doubts but since then I’ve listened to a bunch of her music and watched a bunch of interviews with her, and I think she has the potential to nail this role, especially in this universe.

A related side note, I wonder if this movie is going to be as beautiful as the previous one, cinematography-wise. Joker was a really stellar looking movie in my opinion, and I hope this one is just as good in that department.

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