Joker Fatigue

So there are all these articles swirling around the empty vacuum of the internet saying that all of these various actors are being considered for the role of the joker, most recently, Johnny Depp. While I think he’d be cool as the character, I’m more interested in seeing a villain we haven’t seen.

BUT, I say all that to say this, is it possible that WB liked what Johns is doing with the Three Jokers story line, and they’re going to do this on the big screen?

Obviously, we don’t have enough information to know yet, but it could make sense for that to be that plan. Does anyone have any thoughts on this possibility?

Bonus, who else would you like to see Johnny Depp play? My vote would be for either Mad Hatter (for obvious reasons) or Hugo Strange


Considering that it hasn’t even been released yet, it’s wayyy too early to be thinking about the possibility of Three Jokers in any adaptation, let alone on the big screen.

That said, as much as I love Joker, I do agree that WB should give the character a break on the theatrical side of things. It’s clear that they’ve given up on Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix almost certainly won’t reprise the role since he never does that. Instead of recasting Joker again so quickly, the focus should remain on other villains for a while before Joker makes (hopefully) a triumphant return

I don’t think it’s certain that Phoenix will not reprise the role. And I also don’t see any reason why they couldn’t use a currently unreleased story line.

Yeah I love joker and all, but I’m more than ready for different villains on the big screen. With all the villains that the Batman has already cast, I really do not want joker to take the spotlight away.

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I dont think we will see him on the big screen for a while. I doubt we will see a joker sequel, and I think matt reeves is gonna leave him to the side for now. I dont buy these Jonny Depp rumors.


Just give me anyone other than him. The Nolan brothers perfected it. Leave it alone for a minute.