Joker ending what do you think happened

what did the ending of joker mean



I believe you are in the wrong section.

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I have no idea. I need to watch it again. Interested in anyone else’s theories though.

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@Blyboy42 I still need to watch it, but in the meantime… I’m gonna move this over to TV, Film, & Games soon!


Pretty sure most of it happened in his head. Maybe some of it really happened, but perhaps a good sum of it was just another one of the multiple-choice origins the Joker is most notorious for.


The more I think about it the more I’m pretty sure the whole movie is just one of the variations The Joker remembers when he thinks of his past. Examples include The Killing Joke, Tim Burton’s Batman 1989, The Dark Knight and the various stories about his scars. I think it was all in his head.


I agree it seems to be in his head and it is funny how the new black label Harleen just came out and touches on his origin stories.


During the rest of the film they tried to make it very clear to everyone when something was just being imagined. So I don’t think you are meant to question anything about the ending. The only part that might be questionable is the car crash and the crowd cheering for him.


I think everything happened except the things they specifically show to be false. I personally wasnt surprised in the slightest at the Zazie reveal, as they already establish his mental embellishments so clearly very early on. I dont think the film pushes the idea that the ending is imaginary in anyway. People are just projecting things from the greater Joker lore to smash the square peg that is the “Joker” film into the round hole that is their preconceptions of the character.


I took the girl I’ve been dating to see Joker and she thought most of what happened was an illusion. She thought he got caught after killing those men, and made up everything in his mind so he can be the “hero” in his story.


For me, everything happened that they didn’t explicitly show was a delusion. The main item that there’s any ambiguity about, in my interpretation, is whether or not he is Bruce’s half-brother. The film told you he definitely was, then he definitely wasn’t, and then they dropped the photograph in toward the end to brilliantly make you question it all over again.

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I didn’t think any of the ending was suspected to be imaginary, although I guess it could be. Although I also didn’t get the blood on his shoe in the last scene was meant to imply he killed the psychiatrist in Arkham… so I am slow.


I don’t know he could have killed her but he could have also imagined it I need to see it again really liked the movie

I think it really happened, and the last scene of Arthur being at Arkham is him remembering the last portion of the film. I know it’s a generic answer but it would feel wrong or stupid for it to all be fake or for him to be dead

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I feel the end was reall I can see it being fake and maybe some parts were. But it seems real to me. He was remember being in the spotlight which joker loves. He killed her an walk off to do what he does best.

When seeing the film a second time, I thought the handwriting on the back of that photograph may have also matched his mother’s handwriting in the letters, but only time and a side-by-side comparison will tell! If so, it makes for an interesting parallel: Arthur’s obsession with Zazie’s character reflecting that of Penny’s with Thomas.

But I’m on Team Delusion for a lot of the film. I don’t think the memories were entirely false, but I think they were twisted. There were too many moments that were off. The ones that come most quickly to mind are:

  • When he’s stripping off the concierge outfit in the theater bathroom, there’s a man right next to him who doesn’t blink an eye, even as he practically brushes shoulders with Arthur on the way out. Arthur looked a mess. At the least, his behavior should have earned him a side eye from that dude. Also, the other theater attendants were in suits. The fact that Arthur is the only one shown in such a theatrical costume makes me think it’s part of his imagination.

  • After the confrontation with Wayne in the theater, the scene cuts and shows Arthur leaning against his sink at home in the same exact position that Thomas left him in the theater. That makes me think he either imagined the Wayne encounter entirely, or while in his bathroom at home, he was reinventing how it played out in his head.

  • It makes absolutely zero sense for his coworker to give him a gun for the hell of it. Especially given his boss’ complaints that a lot of the other guys at HaHa’s think he’s a freak. Later, they say that Arthur tried to buy it off of him, which seems more likely.

I can’t wait for it to be out on blu! I love unreliable narrators. It’s the kind of movie where rewatches pay off.

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I think the final scene in the asylum is the beginning of the movie, and when he says he was thinking of a joke and that she ‘wouldn’t understand’ because he just envisioned himself acting everything out (the events of the film)

I think it means whatever you want

I watched the movie last night, I thought it was very disturbing. I liked it and I’m still thinking about it. I think the ending solidified how bad this man had become if you wasn’t there yet. It’s tough to say because we found out some of the stuff we were shown was just his delusions. I would love to see a Batman in that world fighting the Joker.

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