Joker #11 Please!

PLEASE DCU, give us a Joker #11! You gave us the long lost #10, but it ends on a cliffhanger!
Make it a digital exclusive. Or release it as a collection with a #11 as a bonus. I’ll buy it!

Hey Anthony!

I can see if I can put a request in for this, but my hopes are not high. There was a 43 year gap between the publishing of Issue #9 and Issue #10 for The Joker and even that was put together through Xeroxed pages of the issue that were sold on eBay in 2011! The fact that issue #10 saw the light of day is nothing short of a DC miracle.

With that said, I’ll put it down as a request so that it’s on everybody’s radar! I know that the cliffhanger is a pretty large one. Do you think the League will survive this one?

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I think they’ll make it! Lol!
Oh well, I’ll just imagine the plot device gas that the Devil wanted to stop will be the key to the League’s resurrection.

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I think you’re probably right about the gas, seems to be the direction it was heading!