Join the Official Peacemaker Premier Watch Parties on Twitter!

The time has come for Peace!

HBO Max’s Peacemaker releases tomorrow, and it’s almost time to party…Join the official Peacemaker Premier Twitter Watch Parties on Thursday and Friday at 6pm PST! Brandon Davis will be hosting a watch party for Episode 1, followed by Friday’s watch party for Episodes 2 & 3 with James Gunn himself!

Join the fun with Brandon and James, using the hashtag #PeacemakerParty, and check out all the great insight from the show’s cast and crew. Don’t forget to come back here for all the Peacemaker discussion threads and banter!

Slap on your shiny helmet, claim a Bald Eagle as your sidekick, and give peace a chance. :dove:


We need a LOVE reaction button on here and if we had one I’d use it for this! Warner Bros., HBO Max and DC have promoted this show very well and I’m super excited about seeing the premiere. I’ll be on Twitter tomorrow at 6pm PT to join the fun! Thanks for the heads up.


Unless he’s an extra, there’s no Brandon Davis involved with the show, so don’t expect a lot of inside information for Thursday’s event - you’re better off with the Monday watchalong here

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