Join Our User Testing Sessions for Improving DC Universe Infinite!

Want to help improve the usability of DC UNIVERSE INFINITE? Join our group of DC-loving research participants and help our product team build a better app for everyone.

Coming up next week!!! Feb 22-25: Help us improve searching and browsing for comic books in the app. Each 45min session will be a simple one-on-one conversation, where we’ll get your fresh eyes on a couple of prototype designs.

To join this effort or similar activities in the future, sign up to our User Testing platform here.


This is right up my alley!

Is this a live conversation? Does it require video/audio conferencing?


It is a live conversation, and I believe video conferencing is preferred. If you don’t have that available, might as well sign up and see if there’s an alternate option for you or other users who prefer not to video conference :slight_smile:


I don’t see very well
And am adverse to anybody seeing me these days
Never used video

But I posted
Something about linking to comics
That seemed not to have a acknowledgement by any moderstors

In a post
When we now link
To a title or issue
What is seen
In the post
Is always the same
And non informative

If we follow the link
We get a choice

In both cases get
Title / issue

If use DCUI app
And go back
We are thrown
To main page of DCUI

If use Browser
Get back to post



Hi Turok, I just sent you a DM about this and we will work to have these repairs made.

In terms of this User Test, we are asking folks to sign up for a process that will dive deep into the search and browse for the app. If you are available, I strongly encourage you to sign up. It is important to represent experiences like yours when we are developing any technology in today’s world.

Thank you for sharing these issues :slight_smile:


I just received my invite and, indeed, video conferencing is required to participate. Oh, well. :frowning_face: If you ever have one of these that allows for text-based responses, please let us know.


Just looked.up what Zoom needs

Like a web cameea and microphone

Have neither


For some reason when signing up be kept saying my ZIP code was invalid I tried a couple different zip codes


Your phone actually acts as a webcam and you would just turn the video off and just use sound if you prefer.

There’s no benefit in seeing our faces but I guess benefit in hearing what we’re saying


Zoom also has a text chat feature you can use if you don’t have webcam/mic :slight_smile:


I dont think
They want text chat

Above said video conference required


Video conferencing preferred! I think someone with your amount of activity in the community would be welcomed regardless of a lack of voice communication.

Will confirm with AJ though!


Registered on
My Galaxy 9 Android phone
When asks
To.set up profile

Next button does not go to Next screen
Next button on top of last line of text, obscuring it

Sent email as reply to email given by testing company waiting

Will inform you if any progress


Hi everyone! Because these sessions were kicked off today, I wanted to give a small update:
We received so many submissions, we may not be able to interview everyone. But this won’t be the last of these kind of sessions, so stay tuned!

The second item I wanted to make sure and share:
Please do not openly discuss your feedback on what was shared in the Community. Because these are early-stage concepts, and we have a lot more work to do before we actually try to launch anything, we want to make sure we’re managing first impressions thoughtfully.

Thank you all so much! :heart:


Hi AJ,

Have you heard whether video/audio conferencing is absolutely required for this, or is there a way to communicate with the interviewers textually?


It’s definitely preferred that it’s audio or visual- this is a really down deep review of reactions to new features. They’re looking for real-time reactions and first impression thoughts, which is a whole other experience compared to the written feedback we moderators collect on an ongoing basis.


Heya @KookieSuperApe , I followed up on this with the user research team, and they did confirm this was a specifically audio/visual exploration. But there will be text-based opportunities in the future, so please stay tuned!


Thanks for checking this out, AJ!


Hi everyone! Closing this topic now, as this User Testing session window has closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted, and to those who took the time to help inform our future!

We’ll be doing more of these, with options for screen sharing, audio, as well as text-based sessions. Stay tuned here in the Earth-2 Help Center for more like this in the months to come :slight_smile:

Please note: This topic is scheduled for deletion on March 1st, 2021 to prevent confusion about the timing of this session.