Join Our DC Universe Pub Crawl!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, DC Fans!

While going on a real world pub crawl might not be an option right now, worry not!

We’ve got you covered, and would like to invite you to come with on our very own virtual, DC-themed pub crawl, instead! From Gotham City, to the bayou, and the sweet spot between multiple galaxies, you’re in for a treat and some amazing sights along the way!

Interested? Good, because here are some of the places on the itinerary!

  • The Ace O’Clubs (Location: Hobs Bay, Metropolis)
  • Noonan’s Bar (Location: Gotham City)
  • The Iceberg Lounge (Location: Gotham City)
  • Hogan’s Alley (Location: Bludhaven)
  • Warriors (Locations: Manhattan, Coast City and the planet Oa)
  • Gabriel’s Horn (Location: Long Island, New York)
  • Delroy’s Roadhouse (Location: Marais, Louisiana)
  • The Oblivion Bar (Location: An inter-dimensional plane between universes, of course!)

For more info on each, click here to read the article or access it via our News Section!

Which pubs make would make your list, and what drinks would you order at each bar?
Bonus points abound for shared recipes, so let us know below! :tropical_drink:


I passed out before we even left Ace O’Clubs. I guess I’m a light drinker.