John Hughes' Teen Titans

Taking a break from fumbling around with tablet and software, I decided to re-create one of my favorite movie posters with the most famous Teen Titans members. Yeah, Cyborg and Raven didn’t come out great and the scale is pretty off.


The Brain = Cyborg
The Athlete = Nightwing
The Basket Case = Raven
The Princess = Starfire
The Criminal = Beast Boy

Did I get it right?


I didn’t give it all that much thought, but your assessment is pretty much dead on. I think Cyborg and Nightwing interchangeably could be the athlete and the brain, in different capacities.

I suppose I now need to find another classic poster to parody to make up for the lack of Donna and Wally.


I had a crush on BB

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Funny I kinda saw Beast Boy as the brain, Nightwing as the athlete and Cyborg as the criminal (although that doesn’t fit since the criminal hooks up with the princess and the athlete ends up with the basket case so I guess Cyborg needs to be the brain or we need to swap out Cy for Wally as Kid Flash and have him be the athlete since Wally and Raven had a a kinda/sorta thing!

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I always best boy was a lil brainy
and cute

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I thought that Cyborg would be the brain

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