John Cryer as Lex Luthor opinions

I didn’t find much chatter about the latest actor to play Lex Luthor. I have to be honest, John Cryer did an incredible job. I thought some years ago that he’d be a decent Gene Hackman like version of Luthor. I rewatched the episode about 5 times, and that is a 1st for me with any Supergirl episode. Anyone else enjoy his performance or hate it? and WHY?


I’m going to have to see more before I know how I feel about it. He just didn’t seem that menacing to me. The Miss Tessmacher moment was particularly excellent, I thought.

Personally, I think it was a poor choice.

The problem is just that he doesn’t seem menacing or dangerous. He sports the same flamboyant laugh and hand gestures as he did years ago in 2 And A Half Men. Maybe they thought because he was bald that he could pull it off but at the end he just doesn’t feel like a Lex to me.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the episode. I didn’t like the castings for Brainy either but I got used to it over time so these are small complaints to me. To be honest, 1 episode is only enough for a first impression. The real question is: Will he grow on me as other CW roles have?

I should add that my ideal live action Lex Luthor was Michael Rosenbaum, who did a tremendous job in Smallville. Young, yes, but always menacing and at times creepy in the villainous way, the right kind of creepiness and there was a sincerity to it, from the start that role just fit Rosenbaum well.

I’m glad to hear you liked him as Lex though :slight_smile:


I agree Rosenbaum was a great LEX. I saw him at a ComicCon panel and found it interesting how the actors never knew much about the characters they played.


I also thought that John Cryer was not the best match for the role, but perhaps he will make Lex his own as the show progresses. The more underhanded and villainous he acts, and the more dirty rotten the things his version of Lex Luthor does, the more the role will probably suit him over time.

Changing a perceived image only takes a few nasty things to change minds.


His light-heartedness while also talking about killing off all these people is what to me makes him terrifying in that roll the actress playing his sister Lena really portrayed the same shock I was feeling during those scenes where she just looks at this guy like “what am I going to do , you are just too awful for words”


He seems like a good villain so far, just not Lex. I get more of a Toyman vibe from him. He doesn’t strike the right tone for me. His schemes are still pretty interesting. When you get him and Lena in a scene, they just don’t feel like family.


Nu52, I have a feeling he is based heavily off the Gene Hackman version of the character. A not so menacing evil genius.

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Gibbyhertz, that what makes the best villains though. The ones you don’t expect to be that way. His outward appearance says “oh, I’m here to save humanity!” But on the inside “even though I have to wipe out most of it to save it”.

I had alot of doubts. Michael Rosenbaum has always been my favorite. I wasn’t a fan of Hackman’s version which I assumed it would be another version of. I also haven’t been a big fan of the stuff John Cryers been in (nothing against either of these actors just for the most part I don’t enjoy the stuff they are in). However I thought John Cryers did an awesome job. I felt like it was almost a grown up take of the Smallville version, not like a rip off of Rosenbaums but a Lex who’s parental relationships really show through. I don’t know if all that makes sense. Bottom line John Cryers did a fantastic job and I fully admit I sat in prejudgements like a jerk and was proven totally wrong👍

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When I first heard Jon Cryer was going to play Lex Luthor, I thought they had gotten this wrong. “Alan Harper can’t be Lex Luthor!” What I thought. But as soon as I saw him in action, I was stunned, terrified and excited! Jon Cryer is my new Lex Luthor.

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It’s not a jerk to have a negative opinion of an actor based on their past performances, it’s normal lol I pre-judged and felt like I was right on, I wonder of that makes me a jerk in anyone’s eyes or just right to myself.

The latest episode gave a bit more depth abd detail to his performance, still not a fan but at least they gave him the suit, that made me excited. Sometimes DC shows may not cast someone who I agree with but make up for it in the writing, etc. Makes it a bit more tolerable and watchable when they surprise you with things :slight_smile:

I definitely felt left wanting more of this version of Lex Luthor on the first episode. I actually just finished watching the most recent three episodes of Supergirl. I gotta say…John Cryers Luthor struck a nostalgic chord in me and I couldn’t quiet understand why!! So then I come on here and you guys said Gene Hackman and I was like :scream::scream: That’s Riiiiiiighht :O. Now I know who he reminds me of…

But on behalf of his performance… I believe what stilts the character as a whole is the overall tone of the freakin show T_T. As much as Mike Rosenbaum was a fantastic Lex, he would never work in the world of National City. It just wouldn’t work. Supergirl doesn’t have stakes… Not real ones at least. When Lex killed his father in that “Descent” episode of Smallville… It was the most anticipated and hyped episode. And that scene between him and Clark when Clark accuses him of killing Lionel… LIKE COME ON. the scene was only 4 minutes LONG! MEMORABLE PERFORMANCE…

John cryer though >_>…on this show, works. On that Smallville level though… Not even close.

But I will say, on slightly less negative note, that Supergirl has been picking up a lot lately. Episodes are actually getting interesting. And that Russian accent from the beautiful Melissa Benoist :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:…my gawd, marry me now and we’ll name the kids Mon-El and Kara if ya want.

What The F*ck?, Allen?, Allen?. Whom Here Say That Coming?. ( John Cryer ) I Got To Give Him My Respect He Earned It. He Could Play A Bad Guy Well And That Bad Guy Is Lex. WOW!!!..……( Respect )


Melissa is so atrractive it hurts, I love when they dress her up lol


Eve aka Tess Mercer is also attractive, she gives me a younger Barbara Kean kinda vibe. Since Barbara was ny favorite on Gotham, this can only be a good thing. I’m really glad she is playing a major role now as opposed being in the background. So good!

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I LOVE Cryer as Lex!! I think he stole the top spot from Rosenmaum on my list of best live action Luthors!

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Jon Cryer is absolutely amazing as Lex Luthor. He captures the character perfectly.