John Constantine in the main DC Universe: better or worse?

In your opinion, does Constantine the Hellblazer work better in the main-line, Earth-0 DC Universe, or on his own? In my opinion, I like Constantine interacting with the more supernatural elements of the main universe (Swamp Thing, Morpheus, etc.), but putting him next to Batman and Wonder Woman just feels weird to me. Thoughts?

I’ve read Constantine material that took place on both sides of the fence, and I feel he works fine both ways.

I admit that I do like seeing him alongside the super heroes. There’s always room for a trenchcoat and tie amongst all of the capes, tights, pouches and the like.

Was Constantine ever actually in his own universe or did his Vertigo series just ignore mainstream DCU? I know he started in mainstream and feel like there was always a smidge of crossover but I’m no Constantine expert.

There was a little bit of crossover, but mostly among other Vertigo imprint characters. I seem to recall Swamp Thing showing up to wish John a happy 40th birthday in an Ennis written issue from the 90s.

I don’t like John Constantine touching the mainline DCU, personally. The existence of super powered heroes changes the stakes of his normal interactions for me. That and the fact that he can’t be nearly as self-serving a character as the John Constantine I grew up with when he’s rubbing shoulders with them… he’d look like a villain by contrast.


I only like him in the main DC universe if he is teaming up with members of Justice league dark like his most recent appearances in Justice league dark

I actually like him in main line continuity. Yes he is a self serving egoist but I would really like to see him put up against Hal Jordan and or Guy Gardner. Or with so
Done as equally flippant of authority like same Green Arrow takes have been. He’s a great character to play other characters off of.

He certainly has great stories where he’s more on his own, and he is great as a morally really-dark-grey counterpart to the more bright, shining heroes of the DCU. I just wish that we got to see him in more of the darker, seedier and more mature stories – have it both ways.

While he has played a supporting role in the Batman: Damned storyline, I’m surprised that no one has thought of doing a Black Label mini of Constantine where they can afford to go more mature. Maybe he doesn’t have as much juice to do his own ongoing title anymore, but surely he can pull off the occasional solo mini-series!


John interacted with a lot of the DC magic users in his older days, but he largely took on his own stories after a while with the occasional appearance of other characters like Phantom Stranger. If I remember correctly, Vertigo wanted to separate themselves from the main line of DC continuity, but they also definitely kept it within a general same universe, making references to Superman or other hereos every now and then, but not intertwined which would have limited the story.

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@Jay_Kay, read some of the older Vertigo Hellblazer series, some arcs are a hit and a miss, but most of them are incredibly enjoyable and most definitely dark, but I’m still only on like issue 190 out of 300, so I’m not like an expert or anything.

He is one of the few comic characters who ages with his publication tho, so “real time”. Which is why we get his birthday issue etc. Also, if you follow the character throughout you’ll notice the small changes to his character’s appearance and it’s really incredible to read.

I know he’s had his Vertigo series and have read some of it in the past. I was just saying that with Vertigo in this weird nebulous place, the Black Label is a perfect place to do some mature Constantine storylines.

I think a Black Label book could be cool, but I think that DC is trying to market those to an audience not necessarily familiar with comics, so unfortunately a Hellblazer book is pretty much out of the question. If they could get Garth Ennis back for it though I would totally read it.

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