John Byrne's Superman

Any one else love John Byrne’s run on Superman? I loved both the Man of Steel mini series and his run on the Superman books from 86 to 88, they all have that Smallville/Lois and Clark feel… miss those stories

Patiently waiting/hoping for all the John Byrne Superman books to show up here soon…


Absolutely. John Byrne is my favorite Superman artist and his run is fantastic.


John Byrne taught me something very important with his Man of Steel & Superverse run: Learn to Relax.

You see, I absolutely hated MoS when it was released, from the very first page (Clark Kent playing football? Sacrilege!). His parents were alive, creating a Superman who had never experienced the greatest loss of his life. I hated it. Batman and Superman as adversaries? Come on, they were the World’s Finest Friends! Lana knowing his secret identity? Ludicrous! And Lex Luthor, transformed from a mad scientist into a billionaire businessman? Appalling! (Okay, that was admittedly Marv Wolfman’s contribution. But I digress…)

I was outraged, way before the internet and outrage became a thing. It was my first full-on nerdrage.

But I kept reading. And as I did so, I found I didn’t hate things quite so much. Ma and Pa were priceless, some things were working … I wasn’t thrilled with his secret identity ‘explanation’ after Millennium, and the ‘Pocket Universe’ seemed like another multiverse waiting to happen, something Crisis had banished. But he was bringing back Supergirl, kind of…

…and then Byrne went and had Superman kill the Phantom Zone criminals. Nerdrage2: Kryptonian Boogaloo.

And then … AND THEN … John Byrne quit all of the Superman books and I was upset that he quit! Yeah, I was a bundle of emotions back in the 80s.

Eventually, I calmed down. Today, I can appreciate the Byrne run; a lot of the teamups he did in Action especially were a lot of fun. But I always carry with me the lesson I learned from his tenure: when things change in comics, give 'em a chance. Because if it doesn’t work, everything will be back to normal in a year or two. :smiley:


I loved it, that is “My” Superman


Feel the Byrne, baby!

Yes, love me some Byrne era Supes. I know he angered alot of fans, but he brought some much needed freshness to the character. He also gave Clark Kent an actual personality and character traits, gave Superman limits, that amped up the conflict. It night be my favorite Superman run of all time.


At first, I resisted the Byrne changes to the Superman universe, but it grew on me. I liked his Ma and Pa Kent, and the changes to make Clark less of a dork. The new Clark Kent was very welcome to me. The power downgrade for Superman though, was hard to take. Now, I think maybe Byrne may have had that right too.

I am still not a fan of all the Kryptonian culture and history changes though.



I think it’s interesting that his run hasn’t been given the omnibus treatment. There were about 8 or 9 trades that collected his run, but I’ve been hoping to see it get a nice hardcover treatment like they did with Perez’s WW run. Now, Byrne’s WW is being collected in hardback editions (but for some reason no paperbacks) but not his Superman? There must be something up with that.


Byrne (Wolfman and Ordway’s) Superman run is one of my absolute favorite things ever. It made Superman relevant for the modern era.


Best Superman run EVER! And he laid the groundwork for his fantastic successors: Woflman, Ordway, Stern, Simonson, Mcleod, Guice, Grummett, Bogdanove–and the Great Dan Jurgens.


Would love to have Byrnes run on app. DC app went from too little content to too much. Lol


@Jerm_78, I have the Man of Steel trades that collect Byrne’s run but would absolutely buy standard priced hardcovers or an omnibus of it too. Great idea!


LOVED that run. That is how Superman stories should be. Some of my favorite comics still in my collection. The Action Comics run was GREAT too.