Johan Hex in Different Media

Johan Hex has shown up in movies, animated shorts, live action tv series, and guest characters in animated shows.

What’s your review on the version of Hex you saw??

From my knowledge I saw him in BTAS, Justice League Unlimited, and Legends of tomorrow. There’s also a very gritty Hex short that was released as an intro to one of them animated movies if you can find it. That short is the best representation of the character in my opinion. Linda Hamilton (original Sarah Connor from Terminator 1 & 2) does voice work there.


Do you mean Jonah Hex? Because I love the character, although the major live action movie was pretty bad. The character on Legends is done well.

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Yes, excuse the typo! Lol

I love the Showcase short. It does so much in so little time and that ending is chilling to this day.

Thomas Jane was a great choice for Hex.

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I liked the movie,