Joëlle Jones Brings Yara Flor to the Current Day in Wonder Girl #1

DC fans first met Yara Flor earlier this year as a full-fledged hero of tomorrow in DC Future State titles including Future State: Wonder Woman, Future State: Justice League, and Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman. But every journey starts somewhere—and that’s exactly where the new Wonder Girl series, debuting this week and written and illustrated by Yara’s creator Joëlle Jones, picks up.

DC Nation chatted with Jones about Wonder Girl’s journey from Boise to Brazil, what makes the younger Yara different from the one we saw in Future State, new and old villains, how this
series connects to what’s currently unfolding in Wonder Woman, and, of course, Jerry the

To read the interview with Joëlle Jones and learn more about the new series of Wonder Girl, head over to DC Comics!

Did you enjoy Yara Flor’s Future State debut? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! :point_down:


I really liked this issue but it often felt like I crashlanded into something that I am not exactly sure what is happening just yet. The writing was excellent and totally pulled me into Yara’s story and the art is magnificent!


I adored this issue! Its looking like the Bana will get some focus. Yara has an interesting personality. Hera is coming off as quite menacing. And Nubia looks gorgeous in that art style!


I liked it, curious to see where we’re going. I’m also interested what @Vroom thought of this ish?


Yes, I loved Yara’s Future State debut! She’s badass.

As for her Infinite Frontier debut, I loved it! Wonder Girl was my most anticipated new title from the launch, and while it’s only one issue in, I’m very excited to see where Yara’s adventures take us!

wants Yara to become a big deal in merchandising and outside media, as well as in the comics

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I agree!

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I’m betting she will be. :crossed_fingers:t2:

Yara, and Punchline for that matter, strike me as the Next Big Thing in DC merchandise/outside comics media.

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You’d think that, but I was disappointed to find out Yara’s CW show wasn’t developed as a Pilot. Though as I think about it, could be they’re saving her for HBOMax, or even better, WW3!


I can see it happening at a later point, especially once her ongoing has a decent # of issues to base episodes on/around.

Personally, the outside comics media I want to see Yara in the most is animation. She’d be a natural major character for an animated Wonder Woman series, alongside Donna, Cass and the rest.


To be honest I can’t say I mind the Wonder Girl show not not being immediately picked up to much. When the writer of the comic revealed that even the smallest creative decision she wanted to make had to be approved by the tv show people before she could use it in the comic, I started to realize it would be better if Yara had a year under her belt first to at least develop as a character without such heavy oversight.

Im hyped for what comes next!


Read #1 last night, great comic. Jones gets a whole lot done in the story, really looking forward to where it’s going. Plus the book was pretty

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