Joe Hill to launch horror focused "Hill House Comics" line for DC

This is definitely a good thing to introduce after the announcement of Vertigo being dismantled. And you can definitely see the Black Label on these covers!

Some of these sound pretty interesting, I might have to check these out.


Magical axes, haunted doll houses, memory eating diseases… it looks like I’m going to be spending a lot this fall/winter.


Also, I JUST realized the pun being made there about “HILL House Comics.”

I hope all of these show up 12 months later on here :slight_smile:

@Mae Didn’t they say Black Label books wouldn’t?


I remember one of the mods saying when Vertigo was confirmed to be closing doors that they might have a shot at getting more stuff from the other imprints. I get the feeling that any of the creator-owned books like these will be will likely not be on the library, but I’d be more than happy to be wrong.

All of those covers look amazing. The descriptions of the stories sound intriguing. I’m glad Black Label seems to finally be ramping up.

I’m not generally into horror but still this is a great thing for those of you who are. Having said that though “Sea Dogs” sounds interesting to me though I would rather it was its own comic and not told in two page segments as a backup story in what I assume is “Plunge”. (The article I read was a bit unclear about that I thought.)

I’m buying every single one of those!

@JasonTodd428 – I would imagine that Sea Dogs will eventually be collected in trade format.

I wonder if Joe Hill’s dad Stephen King will lend his hand to some of these or other books.

Oh yay, I love horror!

Happy Dance

From what I got out of the many articles I read, Sea Dogs is a back up in every issue of Hill House Comics

I’ll give the first issues of each a whirl.

The Kelley Jones book is the one I’m likely to read past #1.

I’ve loved all of Joe Hill’s comics so far!