Joaquin Phoenix Joker

Just curious what others are thinking about Joaquin Phoenix’s look/costume as the Joker? :black_joker:


Shitty face paint but rest is good

I’m still in disbelief that this actually a thing. I will not form any opinions until I see this thing in a theater next year.

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I’m excited for it can’t wait looks pretty awesome

nope…after seeing the evolution of joker through out the years I think seeing this rendition of the joker is going backwards in time. I dont like it at all.

Is the movie out already? Cause I feel it is lol

I like it

It’s certainly not a movie I expected to see happen, but I’m definitely curious to see what they do. With the pedigree of people involved, it should be interesting at the vey least.

I’m very excited about the movie. Phoenix is truly inspired casting and am excited to see what he does with the character.

This the only DC movie that I have doubts about. I may or may not watch it. Just doesn’t intrigue me in any way.

The joker get up just looks like Phoenix in face pain. Meh.

i hate the blue eye paint but love the overall look

Where’s the green and purple???

I think they’re taking a different take on the traditional “green and purple”. That color palette is still present, just a little skewed like Heath Ledger’s.

I think this movie will be good

Costume looks dope!

I think he’ll knock it out of the park! I have a feeling I’ll be at the movies more than once for this!!

I’m not digging the make up but it’s growing on me tho I just hope that isn’t the final look


Another failed “Catwoman” (Halle Berry) attempt on a character not deserving of their own show. Jokin’ Phoenix! Are you kidding me? Who’s going to play Harley, Lyndsey Lohan? This is why DC is failing miserably. Get back to why we love this stuff, the comic books. C’mon DC.

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Here its going to be ground breaking

Can’t wait to see it. He’s a great actor and the “leaks” if you can call em that leading up to it are great. Looks like a different yet classic take of him all at the same time.