I’ve been dying to read JLApe forever. Am I wasting my time? Anyone read it? & if so, should I just get to it eventually? or keep requesting the issues at my local library?

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It’s fun but disposable.


Thanks Batwing52

I’ll get to it then.

Minor spoilers

I, too, was looking forward to reading JLApe, but I came away fairly disappointed by it. It never quite lives up to the promise of the (awesome) cover of JLA Annual #3. Only a few of the JLA members turn into gorillas, and then only for a little while. This is one of those crossovers where, since the different issues were written by different writers working on their own series, some of the individual issues only tangentially tie in with the main story depending on how enthusiastic that particular writer was about going along with the theme. If you just want the Cliff’s Notes version of the story, you’d be fine just reading JLA Annual #3 and Martian Manhunter #2 and skipping the rest to get the main story without missing anything too important. As for the other issues: Batman was oddly more of a Nightwing story, Flash was forgettable, Wonder Woman was just… bad (I couldn’t tell what the heck was even supposed to be going on in the story and since I didn’t read the series I didn’t know who any of the characters were; they’re written as if the reader is supposed to already be familiar with who they are), and Green Lantern I found incomprehensible (a vast majority of the dialogue is military jargon and most of the speaking characters are identical gorillas, so, again, hard to follow). My two favorites were Aquaman and Superman: good, fun, easy-to-follow stories with lots of neat gorilla action, just what I was looking for from this series. Hope this helps!

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Thank u for the breakdown, appreciate the info. You hit on one thing that’s made me want to read it forever in the 1st place, and that’s the cover u said doesn’t live up to the hype. That cover sucked me in, and was a big reason I’ve been trying to get this collected for so long.

You can request single issues at your library?

Huh. That’s neat.

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Yes. B4 this site & (a friend who could afford em) that was the only way I read comics. If they don’t have it at 1-2 that are within 5 minutes of my house. The main library in Akron will request & get it for u & have it sent to either library I want. Is that just a small town type deal? I just assumed they all did that? I saw on list of people who won prizes somebody else on this site was from Uniontown, Ohio. That’s where 1 of my libraries is. I did a triple take, I’ve never seen Uniontown mentioned anywhere. Big Mennonite & Amish community, horse & buggies etc. it’s literally still dry, which, just b/c some people have never even heard that term, I’ll explain, u can’t buy alcohol anywhere in Uniontown. The way around it, is, it’s so small u drive 3 minutes & your somewhere u can buy it. Back to the point yeah comics, movies etc. again b4 site I used to request DC animated films & if they didn’t have it they’d request it & get it for ya even if I as the only one asking they’ll do it. So lucky winner from Uniontown, if u see this congrats & as he knows. If he’s from Uniontown, I can walk to his house or vice versa I don’t even need to know address to say, u, my friend, are within walking distance of me.