JLA on Titans

I’ve been thinking about it and what if the league hasn’t been formed yet? Like what if all the members exist but haven’t come together? Maybe that’s why we haven’t gotten any Justice league references yet

Interesting what if’s but I’m still confident that that they do exist

I think the league has to exist before Titans

I was wrong😂

I knew I would be right

I don’t know what we’re talking about but I’m right.

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Yeah we know Batman & Superman exist in this timeline but no others have been mentioned & no JLA references.

Yes they do exist. Watch the flashback scene in the latest episode.

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Forgot WW & the JLA were mentioned in the flashback scene with Donna & Robin in the bedroom as kids. Good call RobertScorpio.

Having the Justice League exist seems to throw Robin’s hijacking of the prisoner transport into a new light. Obviously such an action isn’t good, but it seems to me to be perhaps somewhat less damaging in a world where the JL doesn’t exist, and one where Batman is part of the JL. It cannot possibly reflect well on the JL politically when the Bat’s sidekick is hijacking a prisoner transport, v. being bad but perhaps not totally atypical Gotham City nonsense. Or…did it somehow stay secret?

I really wonder how reliable Dick’s-POV-flashbacks are. Are they tainted by his own perception?