JL Dark Apokolips War

Well DC animated nailed it again!!! Maybe someday Live Action will catch up :crossed_fingers:t2:


They should really just hire the writing staff for the DCAU to do the DCCU.



Spoiler Alert

I loved this movie until the end where they just pull out flashpoint as a deus ex machina. All the sacrifice, all the loss, for what? Let’s make another timeline, it’s gotta be better than this…

Other than the very end, I loved this movie and would have loved to see how it evolves with the current state of the world, earth broken, the hero’s stripped of everything they love, so many friends and powers gone. But that’s just me…


It’s not just you, but when creativity is lacking and getting hard to write RetCon…

I honestly can’t bring myself to watch it. Saw a “collection” clip on Youtube and it’s way to into the gore for me. I don’t mind heroes dying but do we really need to see limbs and entrails flying around?

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I really enjoyed this one!!

And when Damian’s last words were “Justice not vengeance”??? :sob::sob::sob: There were just so many great moments. Awesome storytelling!


I thought it was just ok; not interested in a live action version of this. DC is at its best when it is hopeful and having fun. It certainly can be dark at times, but this missed out on the ending with its “oh look Toto we’re back in Kansas” ending.

I disagree. Dark and moody is DC.( some of it is over the top sure) but leave the happy go lucky for Marvel. I’ll take dark and gritty over the Harley Quinn blatant murder and F bombs masked with fun happy times…


To disagree is the spice of life, and I don’t try to force others to agree with me. Dark and moody has led DC into a string of under preforming movies. There is certainly a place for them even in the DCEU, but I prefer the Aquaman, Wonder Woman tone, others don’t and such is life.


Agreed. Difference/variety is the spice of life which makes for a multitude of genres and great entertainment.


I agree with you. DC is not the edgy comic book company. It has a range of titles that run the gambit. From light-hearted and fun (Super Sons) to grim and gritty (Hellblazer) DC has something for you.


Something for everyone. :smiley:

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I wonder why it was called Justice League Dark-- it was mostly Constantine saves the day plus Sucide Squad .


I honestly wasn’t a big fan of the DC animated movie universe. It wasn’t all bad, I liked seeing Dick and Kory together again (as they should be), but overall, I can’t say I cared for it very much. Then, they just pull a Flashpoint Paradox (which I also don’t get the appeal of) and invalidate all of it. That just feels lazy to me.

Still better than most of the live action overall. Just my opinion :blush:


Because that was the last movie in the series.

The sequence goes:

Flashpoint Paradox
Which summons Darkseid for JL War
That leads into JL Throne of Atlantis
Which leads into Son of Batman
Then to Batman vs Robin
Under the Red Hood
Bad Blood
JL Dark
Teen Titans vs. JL
Judas Contract
Death of Superman
Reign of the Supermen
JL Dark Apocalypse War
Which ends with Flashpoint Paradox

The series is over.

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I don’t perceive the point you’re trying to make. I said that erasing the entire timeline as a precursor to starting over felt lazy and unnecessary to me. I knew that the series was over. I feel like that was clear in my post. I also don’t understand why you thought that I’d forgotten the order in which the movies were released.

Oh wow, thanks!!! I didn’t realize it was a series of movies, that ending makes more sense if they are all related. I’m new to the DCAU. I’ll have to go back and watch some of the other movies now.

DC nails it with their animated films!! You’ll enjoy em all!!