JJ Abrams; DC Universe savior?

Admittedly click bait rumor floating out on the web. Currently I have the season pass and at this point I probably won’t renew. Swamp Thing mishandling (by DC not South Carolina) is part of it: but if Doom Patrol goes, then it would be proof that the ship is sinking.

But if JJ Abrams ends up taking over all things DC (movies and TV) I would re-up. So…DC/Warner’s…time to man-up and create some positive buzz…the hour glass is running out of sand!


Meh, I’m not the biggest fan of the guy. Force Awakens had so much rehashed crap and fanservice I thought the characters were winking at the screen. Probably my least fav Star Wars movie.His Star Trek was okay. I loved Lost, though I’m not sure how involved he was


Hour glass is running out of sand? That’s a stretch


No one needs to save it the movies will find their footing eventually just let it run its course


He couldn’t save anything if he tried, it depends more on timing, what people want and relatability.


dude you’re kind of a bummer


Perhaps your personal hourglass is running out. Mine still has plenty of sand in the top half.


The only thing that will seriously hurt the DC media universe is putting its destiny into the hands of one director. We’ve been there done that since the late 70s. (Donner, Burton, Nolan, Snyder) different ones had different levels of success. You need different eyes behind the camera for different characters and movies. That’s healthy creatively.

If anything, DC video needs a good writer/artist/editor to be able to meld different characters eventually together.

Where is Julie Schwartz when we need him.


he needs to stay away he is about to ruin marvel with his comic book with his son

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I’m not a huge fan of Abrams. He’s got some flashy tricks, but substance doesn’t seem to be his forte.

I, for one, am tired of these Hollywood retreads. I want bold, creative visions with an inherent respect for the source material. Ones that contribute to the mythos and expand on them. I’m tired of reboots and reinvention.

Am I asking for too much?

Meh I doubt it

Sorry, I can’t read your post through all the lens flare.