Jessica Cruz Stories

I admittedly don’t read a lot of green lantern stuff. But I have been very curious about one of the newer members, Jessica Cruz. What do I have to read to know her better?

She’s introduced in Justice League right after Forever Evil in issue #30 and features prominently through the end of Geoff Johns’ New 52 run in that title. Afterwards, I’d recommend Green Lanterns, where she co-stars w/ Simon Baz. Both series are definitely worth checking out

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Honestly you can skip the Johns stuff. There’s a lot of continuity baggage there. Just start with Green Lanterns, and then go from there to Justice League Odyssey.

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I agree Green Lanterns is a must read for Cruz. I would suggest reading JL Darkseid War, then Rebirth Green Lanterns, & JL rebirth. As @HubCityQuestion said, u can just go to Green Lanterns tho. There’s a lot of hit & miss in JL rebirth. Lanterns will take u to her Origin as well as Baz’s Origin.