Jericho on Titans

So, Titans brings on its only lgbt character and he’s already dead?

I know they reference his death but is it possible he could be still alive? I’m really trying not to be pissed about this.

Will he only appear in flashbacks?

It could reference when Slade slices his throat. In which case Jericho might still be alive. I think I saw on Facebook that they did hire an actor, so he will be on the show.

They do have an actor. This frustration is premature.


Jericho’s lgbt? Did I miss something, because that’s not really a part of his classic character. I remember a lot of ship-teasing with Raven and Kole.

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Yeah, him and middle-aged man. Which is strange, seeing as how they both say that their catholic.

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You never know, everybody thought Deathstroke was dead. Not sure if this version of Jericho is LGBT but I read that Chella Man is a Deaf activist and Trans! :bat:

Jericho is gay in the books now. Also, Slade had to kill Jericho in the books, he was already a member of the Titans at this point. He did come back tho, as he jumped into Slade and stayed in there until he came back to try abs stop the Titans as he blamed them for his death.

I guess Jericho is currently alive in the books? I remember liking his character in the 80s and that Slade was horrible to him, but I don’t remember as much as I wish. I guess I’ d better look him up .

So now I can’t ship Jericho and Raven without running the risk that someone will get triggered by my attempts at erasure. Great.


@Scruffy. Yes, he is back in the books now. He’s been a big part of the current Deathstroke book.

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