Jazwares 6" Fortnite Legendary Series Wild Card Action Figure

Ever since seeing this feller on YouTube a few weeks ago, I knew he’d be a nifty pick-up.

The Fortnite Legendary Series figures are in scale with assorted 6" DC lines and he can fit in as any number of characters such as:

-a modernized Royal Flush Gang member
-a Joker henchperson
-a base for a Black Mask custom (Mattel has made a 6" Black Mask, but this body would provide more articulation than the official figure)
-a base for customs of the male Court of Owls leaders

He comes with a crowbar, bazooka, a suitcase with handcuffs attached to its handle, a handgun and three interchangeable face portraits featuring different card suits. He also has 40 points of articulation, as do the other figures in this line.

So, a pretty rad figure. I bought him as a Royal Flush Gang stand-in as to my knowledge they’ve never had action figures.

Below is a picture from ebay: