Jason Todds Death

Personally i think he has to die. There was so much that happens leading to his death and even more after that affects Dick and Bruce. I dont think he should die to soon but yes. Hes got to die. The only other option would be a whole new timeline or they go with the arkhamverse. And that Jason was tortured for years. As i say this, he was my favorite Robin and my favourite hero.

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He might have to die but certainly not now, Dick obviously show no interest in the boy’s problems so far thus I see no reason he should be ruffled by the boy’s death. Show us some more stories please, I want to see him joining the Titan together with Nightwing just as YJ2 has hinted, hence a death in the family. (He is hardly a family member to Dick now).
In 2 or 3 years maybe, the kid needs to grow up a little bit before he could put on the red helmet. LOL