Jason Todd

I was looking through instagram and saw that Jason Todd will make his debut tomorrow’s Episode of TITANS . I honestly would love to see a DC Universe Original Series based around Jason Todd. He is a very interesting character and would love to see more of him.


Alright I don’t know why this has been posted a million times but I didn’t do this. DC Universe please fix this bug

@JasonToddSuperFan, I have removed the duplicate threads and I have made our team aware of this issue. Thank you for bringing it to our attention! :slight_smile:

Regarding your question - I would love to see a Jason Todd show here on DC Universe and will definitely make our team aware of your suggestion. :slight_smile:


I’m a huge red hood fan,and I would love to see a Red Hood TV series.


Especially if it evolved into Red Hood and the Outlaws

I either want him in Young Justice or titans spinoff. They could have have an arc with him season 2 and three in titans than spinoff

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The new red hood comic series is great. Would love to see “smart” bizarro make an appearance if Red Hood gets his own tv series.

I love the series too