Jason Todd first Appearance?

I’ve been hibernating due to cold weather. Just devouring old comics! Thank you digital!! Anyway…

I’m not trying to argue with the facts. I understand that Batman 357 is Todd’s first appearance (cameo if I’ve ever seen one, but okay). I just feel the Todd we got in Batman 408 was the real deal. Future Red Hood material and all.

I know a bunch of characters got changed quite a bit post Crisis, but this wasn’t subtle. It wasn’t even the same person anymore to me. Is it just me that feels this way?

Honestly, Jason wasn’t changed all that much after the Crisis. Unless a story specifically played upon his new origin (primarily when Two-Face showed up), it wasn’t likely to depict him differently than Doug Moench depicted him before the reboot. There’s nothing in, say, “Ten Nights of the Beast” or The Cult that screams, “The old Jason wouldn’t do that!” The big change came in his last four appearances under Jim Starlin, who had grown sick of the character. It’s kinda like how a likable character in a TV show might suddenly become a jerk whenever the show is looking to get rid of the character. (I’ve heard that complaint lodged against love interests in The Gilmore Girls, for instance.)


I guess…

He went from having more or less the same origin story as Dick (with red hair) to being a street orphan. That was a major change to me. He also seemed to get more violent within the new origin starting in 411 (written by Max Collins).

I agree that he was different when the writers thought to make him different. They just hardly ever did that. :stuck_out_tongue:

When I think of post-Crisis Jason, I usually think of his story from Batman Annual #12, which shows that the reboot didn’t turn him into a bad kid. :wink:

I still don’t like how inconsistent his character is. I think he has potential to be the most interesting Bat character. A really good writer needs to stay with him for a few years.

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