Jason Todd Fighting Style Easter Eggs

When watching Jason Todd fight in episode 5 of Titans something seemed familiar. When I went back and watched the final Warehouse scene in Batman V Superman I saw a lot of the same moves. Jason used so many moves that Batman used in BvS.

Of course it’ll probably never be official but could Jason and Dick have been trained by Battfleck? Maybe that’s why Dick is so violent. I just think it’s cryptic that Jason fought a lot like BvS Batman, and in that movie a Robin is dead.

Either way, hats off to the stunt team for adding the cute little Easter egg in a fight scene

It would be that interesting if Dick Grayson and Jason Todd were at one point trained by the DCEU Batman. I was hoping that Titans is connected to the DCEU. I have my own theories on how that works,regardless. But that just me.

its dark enough to be connected to DCEU. i am very excited to see friday episode.