Jason Todd cant die by Slade he has to die by Joker!

I really hope they don’t kill off Jason this way… I know it would be hard to somehow make it so he’s killed off by Joker in the Titan series… but not by Slade… please…


I’m willing to bet he’s not gonna die.

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He needs to live now so he can die later; don’t dump that guilt on Dick, it’s Bruce that needs to fail to save Jason so that he can be overprotective of Tim Drake!

The next episode is about superboy im willing to bet that right before jasons
is about to die connor will catch him

I block you because you disrespect me with your stupidity. Your title is a spoiler which us a high offense. I have no choice but to report you!

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You could have been smart and respectful enough to write another thing but nope… Insta-Block while a serve you a glass of Gotham on the rocks!!!

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My guy did you just get annoyed someone ‘spoiled’ the joker killed Jason? That happened way back in the 80’s which was 30-40 years ago. If you weren’t talking about that, I dont know how he would’ve spoiled it since the next episode isn’t out yet and was just reiterating what happened in previous episodes

Besides that, I agree having Jason just fall off a building while Dick watches is much less interesting and impactful than the Joker bludgeoning him with a crowbar and blowing him up. He probably didn’t die though since Connor’s in the next episode and will probably be an ex machina out of nowhere to catch him. Either way, the actor would stay on the show because of the whole resurrection thing unless yet another live action DC series doesn’t want to have him in it as red hood

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How bout a spoiler tag on here next time?

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I was just joking about the block and report but really, out of respect for people who haven’t watched the episode or know he died in the lore, he shouldn’t had made that the title lol Do you agree? Or at least wrote Spoiler in the beginning.

“In the beginning…”

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I dont think that he wil die… I think that somehow Rachael is going to save him…

And yes jason is supposed to die by the jokers hand… It wont be possible in this series but come on falling off a building is just to easy…

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This is a different timeline thatm the comics buddy its a possibility chance that he could die or not it all depends on the writer or whoever wrote the script

Did they announce the actor was leaving the show? Nope. Something tells me Jason is gonna be saved at the last minute. Maybe not in this weeks episode but probably next week.

If anything, let this be a testament to the shows writers for crafting a scene that got people talking.


Donna, Kori, Rachel Or The yet to be revealed Connor can save him. Plus he needs to live, because the last thing this show or DCU Originals need is a show that revolves around a psychotic murder, which is all Jason is post lazerus pit. He’s not an anti-hero, he’s just scum.

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Anything to get to Damien faster lol jk…JT has to go under the crowbar first